Great Britain Meantime brewery fresh lager....

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  1. i usually find a lot of meantimes brews underwhelming after getting past the exquisite and classy bottle labels but i really want to try this......

    whats everyones opinions about it?
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  3. I've never had anything not nice from them. Not sure what "brewery fresh lager" actually would mean other than buying it like the day after it was bottled though.
  4. I've not tried the London Lager I still have in built Camra prejudices against that label
    The Red Ale is very lacklustre
    The IPA is tasty if predictably grapefruit tangy
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  5. Never had a Meantime beer I would call bad, but never had one better than good either. I am all about fresh local beer now, so maybe the brewery freshness will give it that extra something it's lacking.
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    Hey, I LOVED the bottle I had. Umm...7 years ago.
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  8. True, but their specials are decent and interesting too. They always have a new one on in paddington station when I travel through, so they're fresh as well.