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Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by southdenverhoo, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. wife and I had two each at Freshcraft I believe last Thurs. I told her I'd see if I could pick up some on the way home from work tonight. Anybody know anywhere in the downtown Denver/cap hill area where it might be?
  2. I thought I still saw it at Argonauts. I'm sure it's still at Joy's also
  3. FWIW called Argonaut's & they were out, called Hugos and they hadn't got it yet but were expecting it, called Grapevine and they had it so I made the trek down there (not a trek but not in the hood) but forgot about Joy's so no info about it for others similarly situated & on a similar hunt...

    PS this is a good beer...and at $4 less than La Folie not a bad price either.
  4. Domingo

    Domingo Champion (955) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Not exact in that area, but Heritage in the DTC had some last week.
  5. I think I saw it at Logan Liquors, a little spot at 100 S. Logan that has a great selection for their size
  6. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    I would also consider Liquor Mart on Colorado Blvd...they were always great for having the Odell stuff in stock when others were out. I haven't been there lately to know if they have it or not, but probably worth a call if still looking.