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Mexican Cake Info

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by mikeincharleston, May 16, 2013.

  1. ok so here is what you have been waiting for. although there are still many questions i can't answer, not that i don't want to, just that i honestly don't know the answer. here we go...

    -we just bottled 500 cases (6,000 bottles) today, like i said, it will be a lot more than the first release of 120 cases (1440 bottles)

    -will it be released at the brewery tomorrow? i do not know, edward has not said yet. would i say most likely? yeah, but don't hold me to anything.

    -will there be a bottle limit? i have no clue. price? i would guess 10-12 a pop

    -where will it be distributed? will it go to alabama or georgia? i have no clue. like i've said many times, we get an order, fill the order and it's picked up and goes to the distributors warehouse and gets shipped from there to you.

    -just for trading reference, the label looks the same but the description is different, says something about it being first released in 2011 and since we liked it so much we made it again. also bottling date for all bottles is 5/15/13

    -please don't send me any trade requests, there are plenty of awesome BAs in the area that you can hit up.
  2. ksurkin

    ksurkin Savant (250) Virginia Jan 9, 2009

    dear SC BA's,



  3. Adding myself to the ISO! Chicago trader here, BM me.
  4. I honestly don't know if I pre-ordered enough given the number of people I've had asking about it the past 2 weeks. 500 cases at least gives me hope that I'll get my whole order.

    Also do you guys care if people want kegs for their homes? I've had a few people ask about that as well....
  5. I don't see how it affects us. If someone wants a keg and you can get it for him what's the problem?
  6. badboy7113

    badboy7113 Savant (390) Florida Jan 19, 2011

    Can't wait to get this!!
  7. Some breweries don't like for people to get personal kegs of their highest demand beers. Don't get me wrong I already ordered them but just though I'd check.
  8. Do you guys allow folks to come in before tasting hours? My time tomorrow will be tight and waiting until 4 to pick up some bottles might mess me up. I don't need to get any samples (but will gladly if I can!). Thanks
  9. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    Why mislead everyone? We all know the 10 cases won't be leaving the brewery.
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  10. Skrip

    Skrip Savant (380) South Carolina Oct 7, 2012

    cool i'll be there saturday if its available!
  11. I've already got a few bottles of MC to send out in trades, before it even releases. I hope I can find enough around me here to keep my trade partners happy!
  12. Like I said I'm still not 100% sure if we are going to do the release today.
  13. ndepriest

    ndepriest Savant (290) Georgia Feb 21, 2012

    Please let us know if you find out anything about distribution.
  14. Thanks, Mike. I might hold off the trek until you guys officially announce it.
  15. There will be a cask of Mexican Cake in Charleston at the end of the month. Details coming shortly.
  16. Just got tweeted. Release today. Still no word on limit. That's all I got to tell you. 4-7pm
  17. Also bearded farmer 3 may be out today as well. Farmhouse with French saison yeast (no Brett this time) and hopped/dry hopped with New Zealand hops. Nice and fruity. Very different from the first two since there is no Brett and fruitier hops.
  18. 9.99 a bottle. Me and Ryan were both wrong. Still no word on limit
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  19. So I guess Ryan owes me $2 a bottle now ;)
  20. How about I just give you a sample of Huna and Abraxas instead?
  21. ksurkin

    ksurkin Savant (250) Virginia Jan 9, 2009

    still ISO! any Charleston BA's want to help a former Greenville guy out?
  22. ISO! BM if you have any to spare.
  23. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    1 case limit.
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  24. Shilt

    Shilt Savant (450) Virginia Dec 26, 2011

    And youre only sending four bottles to RVA ;)
  25. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    Haha, well, I am poor. Just got married and all that jazz. I will probably send one to James and one to Dave as well.
  26. raver is right. 1 case limit. Also gotta remember that by law we can only sell a case per person (or whatever the ounce per person per day is, which I think is a case) . Don't want to mess up stuff with the new law coming into play.
  27. Any idea if this stuff will make it to the myrtle beach area? Would love to get my hands on a bottle.
  28. So Mike - can one pick up bottles at the brewery any time or only during tasting hours?
  29. Any chance this will make it too a place where I won't feel too ridiculous about asking my sister-in-law to pick it up for me? Like maybe the Harris Teeter on Long Point? :)
  30. trat

    trat Aficionado (125) Virginia Oct 24, 2007

    Will this be making it to Columbia, SC?
  31. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    Only during tasting hours. I am pretty sure the register is locked down and off when the tasting room isn't open.
  32. raverjames

    raverjames Savant (490) Virginia Dec 11, 2003

    That is the Teeter I shop out, and I don't believe they ever stock Westbrook. The newer Pig may carry some, but not sure about MexCake. I would guess Whole Foods will carry it, if you are looking for grocery stores specifically.
  33. Thanks, bro; good info!
  34. I'm definitely ISO! Someone please DM if you're feeling kind enough to trade/ship one state up!
  35. Mavajo

    Mavajo Advocate (560) Georgia Feb 10, 2007

    Thanks for the updates. Hope some of this makes it to GA.
  36. ncaudle

    ncaudle Advocate (610) Virginia May 28, 2010

    like you know we couldn't send you funds or anything...
  37. Any idea when it will see distro in SC?
  38. Next week.
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  39. Harris Teeter is not contract savvy enough to allow Westbrook bombers into their stores....yet. But I have worked hard to get Westbrook cans under contract. Currently westy cans are in HTs that we do business with.

    Cake bombers will be at piggly wiggly IOP, bottles, whole foods, total, and small retailers for sure.

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