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Miller Lite to Release New Bottle.

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by sgwagner, May 7, 2013.

  1. sgwagner

    sgwagner Aficionado (120) Wisconsin Feb 22, 2012

  2. malfunxion

    malfunxion Savant (470) New York Dec 14, 2012

    no matter how many times they change the bottle this beer will always taste like urine.
  3. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

    Just polishing a turd.
  4. Stugotzo

    Stugotzo Savant (495) Florida Jun 13, 2012

  5. sgwagner

    sgwagner Aficionado (120) Wisconsin Feb 22, 2012

    At first glance, it almost looks like they're trying to pull the same shit as Budweiser by slightly reducing the size of the bottle. None of the articles I've read confirm whether its still a 12 ounce bottle.
  6. Stugotzo

    Stugotzo Savant (495) Florida Jun 13, 2012

    Unless they shorten the height of the boxes, or narrow the width of them, they'll still only be able to ship the same number of bottles and it will (presumably) cost the same for shipping.
  7. Monkey see monkey do. Why bother spending money improving what's inside the package when you can mimic your competition and spend money on actual packaging.
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  8. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Long overdue bottle change. The vortex wasn't enough. Should've put an airvent to drink it faster, though.
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  9. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,055) Indiana Aug 11, 2012

    Shaped like a Baltika bottle.
  10. LeRose

    LeRose Advocate (605) Massachusetts Nov 24, 2011

    And they shall call it....Innovation...

    Easy handling from the bar to the pool table? Really??? I'm no expert in this area, but I thought that is what waitstaff and trays were for?
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  11. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

    I wanted to say something witty and snarky, but in the end this just makes me do the ole half laugh, half cry into my hands. Miller Lite: YOU CAN TASTE THE MARKETING!
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  12. ErmaGerd

    ErmaGerd Aspirant (35) Iowa Feb 20, 2013

    We've had the bottles at my bar for a week now. I didn't really even notice until someone said something to me. But they are still 12oz.
  13. braugon

    braugon Savant (390) Connecticut Mar 14, 2013

    the best of the domestic scwhill available
  14. Waiting for someone to post, "I'm not too snobby to hold the new Miller bottle..."
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  15. I work for a Miller wholesaler. As of right now these bottles are limited to certain accounts Miller wants them in. So in my territory at least, it's not an every account deal. I believe it's more of a limited release bottle.
  16. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Or someone to say it tasted better in the old bottles?
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  17. beernut

    beernut Savant (340) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    Not sure why this even being discussed. I get the "we can post/discuss what we want" but it's Miller, they market something all the time. That is what companies with money do. Be shocked when they stop doing it.
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  18. DanH83

    DanH83 Aficionado (220) New York Feb 14, 2013

    The should "limited release" everything they make......addition by subtraction....
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  19. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Do you look at the forums often? This is pretty in-line with subject matter that gets discussed. BMC gets mentioned ALL the time. :rolleyes:
  20. rmalinowski4

    rmalinowski4 Savant (350) Illinois Oct 22, 2010

    Are they twist off caps?
  21. A triple hopped turd.
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  22. beernut

    beernut Savant (340) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    Yes, I know. Lets beat a dead horse.
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  23. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    But at the end of the day, beer is beer, right? :)
  24. That makes it much better. Viva Miller!!
  25. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (845) Michigan Mar 20, 2012

    If Bells or Weihenstephaner or Sierra Nevada makes this change, it's "Oh wow, check out that innovation! Awesome! Can't wait to get some of the new and improved bottles! Look at all the research that went into this! I love how they pay attention to small details!"

    When BMC makes this change it's, "Just another marketing scheme for these shitty ass macro companies to sell their nasty urine swill to stupid people who don't know the difference between good and bad beer! Good thing I won't be buying any of their garbage!"

    I'm not sticking up for BMC but Jesus Christ, some people need to give it a rest.
  26. afrokaze

    afrokaze Advocate (630) California Jun 12, 2009

    Gotta compete with that sweet new bowtie can...

  27. I'm curious. When did Bells or Weihenstephaner or Sierra Nevada change their bottles?
  28. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (845) Michigan Mar 20, 2012

    When did I say they did? Do you know what "if" means?
  29. davey101

    davey101 Initiate (0) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009

    Check out dat new lip! INNOVATION ALL UP IN DAT!

    You guys are too predictable. Miller has a market and changes like this does entice the consumer from making the very easy change to ABInbev. I've had friends who switched from Bud to Coors because of the vent can and the fact that the bud label was old. Then the bow tie came out and it was back to the new sleek and sexy Bud. These companies deal in billions of dollars and they have to stay fresh and believe it or not but a sleek new bottle will reinvigorate their brand. Hate away and jerk off to craft brands, but I don't see why you guys have to always get your panties in a bunch every time an AAL makes a menial move. It's the business.
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  30. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Pretty sure people would still talk shit.
  31. BBAVUSO21

    BBAVUSO21 Savant (385) New York Jan 25, 2013

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  32. beernut

    beernut Savant (340) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    I like me some Miller-Lite. It may not always taste great, but it is less filling.
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  33. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    I've been known to drink PBR and Lone Star, so I can't shit all over MillerCoors, but Miller Lite is not a taste I like.
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  34. jncastillo87

    jncastillo87 Aficionado (215) Texas Jan 27, 2013

    Humans are stupid .. New bottle will jump sales 10% or more for the summer time .. watch.
  35. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    I don't think anyone will contest that statement.
  36. MaineMike

    MaineMike Savant (300) Maine Jan 22, 2011

    Thank God for innovation!
  37. Sure do. So since you are a fortune teller since you know what people's reaction will be "if" they change the bottles tell me who's going to win the World Series this year.
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  38. shawnohall

    shawnohall Savant (340) Texas Nov 8, 2009

    How many new bottles are they going to have? Not that it matters. What's inside is still Alka Seltzer plus some alcohol.
  39. i have an idea for a new miller bottle. it opens on the bottom, so that shit never has a chance of touching your lips.
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  40. willbm3

    willbm3 Savant (380) Massachusetts Feb 19, 2010

    Uh oh, whale bottles brah
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