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Mint Flavor?

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by honkey, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. honkey

    honkey Savant (370) Alabama Aug 28, 2010 Verified

    I brewed a cream ale as an impulse brew one day and didn't take any notes. I am hoping someone can maybe help jog my memory as to what hops I may have used. I sampled the cream ale last night and it has a definite minty flavor to it. I expected fruitiness from the yeast (Wyeast 1010). I kept the ambient temperature around 64. My grain bill was:
    65% Two Row
    30% Flaked Maize
    5% Crystal 20
    I believe OG was 1.050 and FG was 1.008.
    I know I didn't use Northern Brewer and I am not sure what else could have created this minty flavor. I remember I didn't even have a scale and I guessed at the hop amounts. I didn't have a recipe I was sticking to, just kind of winging it, and now I don't know how I created such a tasty cream ale!
  2. Did you use perle?
  3. ixodus

    ixodus Savant (305) New Jersey Jul 18, 2010

    Possibly Ahtanum or Perle.
  4. honkey

    honkey Savant (370) Alabama Aug 28, 2010 Verified

    Aha! I think I did use Perle! I had a bunch of 4oz. bags of various hops and I remember thinking that this would be a good time to use the Perle that I had no plans for. I had never used Perle before, so that would also explain why this was a new taste to me. It is really strange how much of a true mint flavor it has.
  5. This is why we take copious notes and use software etc so that when we hit that vein of gold with an amazing homebrew we can making again and again.
  6. honkey

    honkey Savant (370) Alabama Aug 28, 2010 Verified

    Yeah, I normally do that, but I figured for a cream ale like this that I just wanted to have around, I wouldn't care too much. I wanted just something to have around for people who normally drink light beers. I never would have imagined I would be brewing something so good. I was just trying to burn up some of my hop storage at the time. Lesson learned!