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Mixing beers?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by alucard6679, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. alucard6679

    alucard6679 Savant (270) Arizona Jul 29, 2012

    I haven't really tried it yet. Any suggestions?
  2. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    2 parts Old Rasputin to 1 part Creme Brulee
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  3. My wife likes to mix a bit of Framboise into chocolate stouts/oatmeal stouts.
  4. There was a pizza joint near my old apartment that sold pizza by the slice for late night drunkards (myself included). One of the pizzas that they sold was a "tortellini pizza." Indeed, it was a slice of pizza with cheese filled tortellini on it.

    When people speak of mixing beers I get the same feeling I used to get when I saw that pizza: Those two things are good separetely, but combining them cheapens them both.

    Of course, my likelihood to consume a mixed beer or a slice of tortellini pizza are both completely contingent on how drunk I already was.
  5. salzar

    salzar Initiate (0) California Dec 27, 2008

    Mixxing beers is awsome. Look at the Bruery's Melenge 3, a blend of three great barrell aged beers to make an even better blend. I personaly like using strong BA stouts for blending with lighter beers.

    Blending can be fun, if you try different blends of the same two beers you will see a spectrum of resulting flavors.

    To Providence: Not all blends are drunken mistakes for example, Two things that are good seperatly like cheese, bread, tomatoes, pepperoni are awesome when they are blended togther to form a pizza.
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  6. mborden

    mborden Savant (430) New York Jan 28, 2009

    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Wells Banana Bread
    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Lindemans Framboise
    Victory Storm King and Victory Hopdevil
    Founders Breakfast Stout and Founders Cerise

    You get the idea. If you can think it, you can drink it.
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  7. At Bear Republic there is a bartender who has about a dozen recipes based on the usual beers on tap and peoples particular tastes. You can have like a Hot Rod Racer Rocket 5.
  8. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (660) Illinois Nov 28, 2012

    Experimented with mixing beers for the first time last night, with what we had on hand. Mixed about 2 oz. of Hop Czar with about 2 oz. of Pipeworks Glaucus. Needless to say, it is a combo I won't try again.
  9. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

    120 and wws
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  10. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

    2 parts pumking and 1 part creme brulee is pretty good too.
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  11. I have back in black an big eye ipa on tap at home. I do 2 parts BIB and 1 part BE to get some hoppiness in the BIB
  12. Read this in a thread a few months ago. Not a big fan of WWS, but would like to try this.
  13. beercanman

    beercanman Savant (485) Ohio Dec 17, 2012

    It's very good. Wws is a little hot fresh, but the 120 makes it really interesting. 1 and I'm done. 18+ %. Cheers!
  14. I've done a bunch, I enjoy a shot of bourbon into a pint of Old Chub.
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  15. Wolfhead

    Wolfhead Savant (330) Illinois Sep 1, 2009

    That's a boilermaker that sounds very tasty, Knob Creek?
    I mix all the time, tried Hopslam and Founders IS, not very good 50/50 as the FIS totally took over. Rasputin and Torpedo is pretty good as well, one of my favorites is Grand Teton Black Cauldron and Founders Double Trouble
  16. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (845) Michigan Mar 20, 2012

  17. try a black eye!

    i just bought the bomber of the black marlin for $5 by me, happened to have a 6pack of the big eye so i mixed them and it taste pretty fucking awesome definitely recommend trying that. taste just like a great black ipa, not extremely robust either its a great mix. really smooth IMO

    also i remember mixing this a while ago i had an angry orchard hard cider with a belgian white ale, that taste great too i don't recall exactly which ale it was but im sure you can make do with if you use a good beer. side note about the cider this taste amazing(its not beer but still awesome) this bar by me makes fire cider, its just angry orchard with a mix of whiskey in it (splash or shot), i'm not sure which whiskey they use exactly but it has a hint of cinnamon in it. i can find out if you're interested in that too
  18. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Champion (815) Ohio Jul 4, 2005

    I keep meaning to do that one soon!

    Recently I mixed some Hopslam and Blackout Stout, it turned out to be pretty good.
  19. mmikey8

    mmikey8 Savant (325) California Aug 2, 2012

    Kasteel Rouge and belhaven stout... mmmmm...
  20. MammaGoose

    MammaGoose Aficionado (210) Wyoming Jan 10, 2013

    I'm of the line of thought that good beers should be enjoyed as their own creation, not trying to smush them together to make something else. I might experiment with with some very readily available and not-too expensive beers. If it tasted like crud, then no serious harm done.

    That said, I had a blueberry wheat and a brown mixed at Durango Brewing Co. It was referred to as the Black and Blue. I thought it was reasonably delicious, and I might have ordered another pint of it in appreciation of the novelty. The Black and Blue was also substantially better than the blueberry wheat on its own.

    My boyfriend is more excited about mixing beers, but (besides telling me about the Black and Blue) he has yet to come up with a mix of beers that's better as the two individual beers on their own. We visited The Independent Ale House in Rapid City, SD, and one of the bartenders was into suggesting beer combos, and I think my boyfriend tried every one that was suggested. A few fruity lambics with chocolate stouts/porters, various takes on the traditional Black and Tan, and a few other things.

    I'd rather just have a good beer on its own.
  21. Weyerbacher's Old Heathen + Imperial Pumpkin Ale = Awesome!
  22. bcook582

    bcook582 Zealot (90) California Jan 4, 2012

    I find it hard to risk mixing when I am starting off with 2 really good beers, but could end up with nastyness
  23. MadDogMD

    MadDogMD Aficionado (130) Arizona Jan 7, 2013

    Been wanting to try Bell's Java Stout & O'dell's Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. Mocha?? Haven't done it yet, though.
  24. hopstetrician

    hopstetrician Initiate (0) New York Mar 22, 2012

    Being from the Midwest and working frequently on the west coast, my first exposure to beer mixing was a Newport, OR beer hall owners suggestion and I'll never forget it. Why buy a shitty black IPA/cascadian dark when you can blend a delicious one.

    2/3 Boneyard Hop Venom 1/3 Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin
  25. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Definitely try Terrapin WnB and Moo-Hoo for a 'Wake n Moo' which I think is the better than either by themselves and better than FBS.

    I was going to try founders breakfast stout and imperial stout combo last week but I just wasn't in a stout mood. I'm really intrigued by the WWS 120 combo people mentioned on here. Also, recently I passed out on half my Dragons milk and the next morning it was flat. I poured a wake n bake on top of it and voila, the beer came back to life and made for a delicious combo of bourbon, oatmeal, and coffee.

    Oh and I've done the Youngs double chocolate stout with wells banana beer, all I tasted was chocolate. So then I replaced it with Brooklyn Black Chocolate stout and it came out great. I could taste banana and chocolate and it's higher abv too, making for a very tasty brew.
  26. bluemooncanyon

    bluemooncanyon Zealot (95) Maryland Jan 31, 2010

    Half Pumking half Choklat
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  27. TNGabe

    TNGabe Initiate (0) Tennessee Feb 6, 2012

    You're analogy doesn't work for me. Mixing beer would be analogous to throwing a slice of sausage pie on top of your bbq chicken slice. Lots of great beers are blended at the brewery, no reason not to do it yourself.
  28. MammaGoose

    MammaGoose Aficionado (210) Wyoming Jan 10, 2013

    I appreciate the points of both analogies, but I lean towards the tortellini on pizza version. If a beer, as its own entity, is considered great...why mix it with another beer? Either one beer will be lesser-than the other, thus weakening the better one or they'll be equally good and should theoretically stand on their own. If I feel like I have to mix an inferior beer with a better beer to improve it, I'd rather just drink the better beer to begin with. Or, if I have two good beers, I'd want to just drink them and appreciate them for what they are.

    I suppose I can appreciate the creativity of it. So again, I could see myself mixing very easily available and reasonably cheap beers just for giggles.
  29. SenorHops

    SenorHops Savant (430) Rhode Island Aug 10, 2010

  30. TNGabe

    TNGabe Initiate (0) Tennessee Feb 6, 2012

    Thankfully lambic blenders don't think this way.
  31. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (380) New York Jul 16, 2011

    Bluntly, I don't have the guts.
  32. alucard6679

    alucard6679 Savant (270) Arizona Jul 29, 2012

    Thanks for all the replies, I'll have to try some of these out : )
  33. buzze40

    buzze40 Savant (325) Illinois Mar 9, 2010

    Even mix of BCBS and FW DDBA-- sublime.
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  34. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Champion (815) Ohio Jul 4, 2005

    For me, if it's 2 beers that were hard to get I wouldn't mix them. But with brews that are relatively easy to get in my area, or beers that I have a decent stock of, it's worth trying to mix them here and there. But the way I look at it is, it's your beer, and you can do what you want with it. :)
  35. buzze40

    buzze40 Savant (325) Illinois Mar 9, 2010

    Beers like Firestone Anniversary are a blend of beers and we love 'em. two (or three) great tastes that taste great together...

    Hey, you got your bourbon county in my DDBA...!
  36. one of my fondest blending memories was at EBF a few years back when somebody decided to Mix CBS and Utopias.....it's about as dangerous as it sounds.
  37. Oh! Batam's Cherry Cider with Slumbrew's Attic and Eves..... unbelievable!
    Also a Pretty things black and tan....Baba Yaga and Field mouse.....really good. Tried it with Jack D'or too...not as good.
  38. Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout and Victory Hop Wallop.......... Inspired by this thread, I just created my own black and tan with these two beers. The hops balance out the bourbon flavor quite well, though it's bitter as hell!
  39. KansasBeerLover

    KansasBeerLover Savant (375) Kansas Feb 16, 2009

    I'm a traditionalist. A Black and Tan, please. Guinness over Bass or Harp.
  40. Premo88

    Premo88 Advocate (620) Texas Jun 6, 2010

    Black and tans are all I've ever tried ... and honestly, for me the stout overpowers the pale ale to the point that I'd rather just drink a stout.

    My bigger concern is learning in what order to drink beers. When I get that down, I might start mixing things.