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Mixing beers?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by alucard6679, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Geuze boon and St. Louis framboise 33% framboise 66% geuze.
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  2. Shagator

    Shagator Savant (420) Kentucky Mar 17, 2012

    Would love to try Hopslam with Expedition Stout. Or Ruination with RIS. Check out the local pizza place and their mixes. They always have a great beer selection and pint night every Wednesday. Sorry, they dont have their full beer menu on line, but they have around 20 mixes.

  3. kingofhop

    kingofhop Advocate (555) Oklahoma May 9, 2010

    I read it somewhere that mixing equal parts SN Torpedo w/ SN Kellerweiss produces a banana flavored beer that horrifies even the most dedicated of Hefe-hopheads.
  4. New Belgium, La Terroir 2010
    Founders, Harvest Ale 2012 a week old
    fuck yes
  5. I have never mixed beers before but just tried a shot of Maker's in my Old Chub and it made it more enjoyable for me. Not a huge fan of Old Chub and have a couple cans left so I will keep experimenting with other whiskey I have around the house.
  6. Prior to my BA, beer snobbery days I used to love Black and Tans. I find myself wanting to try and blend or try something new. Not huge into Belgians more a stout, porter, IPA, barley wine fan. Just wondering what people have tried and succeeded with if any. I tried the Ballast point black eye and that's about it...
  7. I am a big fan of IPA and stout, but I am not very creative. i started this exact same thread on my b day back in December and some people posted with some pretty awesome blends - like raspberry lambics and chocolate stouts
  8. Pahn

    Pahn Advocate (715) New York Dec 2, 2009

    stout/porter + bourbon.

    or (what should be named after me b/c i've turned so many people onto it and loved it so often personally) sierra nevada celebration with woodford reserve. the spiciness of the bourbon matches the piny hops perfectly, and the heavy oak element of the bourbon really sets off the malt backbone. it's a perfect marriage; adds new flavors you won't expect.

    (edit: re: blending beer+beer, i don't know. haven't done it often)


    edit2: p.s. for you readers who have stayed out of the world of bourbon for some reason, woodford reserve is very cheap ($25~30 for 750ml), and (in my opinion) better than just about all its competitors up until you hit the $55~60 price range (and many there too). the Pahn Cocktail i'm advocating is not a pricy drink.
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  9. havent done much mixing of beers but i threw a scoop of oreo ice cream in a founders frangelic mountain brown not too long ago that was pretty bomb.
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  10. bennetj17

    bennetj17 Advocate (645) Arizona Oct 30, 2005

    I'm usually against blending but I will say the IPA + Stout thing isn't bad if you mix the right ones. I believe I tried a 90 minute IPA with Ten-Fidy and it was nice. It was about 2/3 IPA and 1/3 Stout and came out tasting alot like the black IPA's that are popular as of recent times.
  11. Yum
  12. auhwfm

    auhwfm Zealot (90) California Dec 6, 2010

    2/3 Pliny, 1/3 Death and taxes.
    2/3 Old Rasputin, 1/3 Arrogant Bastard.
    1/2 Downtown Brown (or Bear Republics Peter Brown), 1/2 Union Jack has worked out well
  13. Alextricity

    Alextricity Champion (795) Michigan Jun 18, 2012

    I need to sleep... I read that as "Bleeding"...

    Welp, off to bed.
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  14. 1/2 Terrapin Moo Hoo, 1/2 Terrapin Wake N' Bake.


    Wake N' Moo. Delicious.
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  15. I brewed a Citra DIPA for my birthday and Irish Red and American Wheat for St. Paddy's day. The DIPA was a freakin hop bomb and actually mixed well (2/3 & 1/3 ratio) with the wheat.....almost like a makeshift Gumbalhead
  16. 1/2 SNPA & 1/2 North Coast Old No. 38. Was pretty damn tasty, the PA adding just enough spiciness to the dry stout. Very easy drinker
  17. galvetraz

    galvetraz Aficionado (115) Texas Sep 7, 2009

    What ratio of bourbon to beer do you use? Sounds excellent as I agree with you about Woodford. Although we typically have Blanton's at the house, Woodford is readily available at bars and restaurants in our area.
  18. Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree & Plead the 5th which I call Double Jeopardy.

    Last night I contemplated blending a GD Yeti and a SN Bigfoot.
  19. Pahn

    Pahn Advocate (715) New York Dec 2, 2009

    really just a splash of bourbon is enough. maybe about an ounce. i'd just add to taste though and find the right mix. the celebration / woodford combo is a lot more forgiving than random stout + bourbon i think... i've never felt like i ruined the beer there, but i've overdone it with stouts.
  20. ressling

    ressling Savant (280) Georgia Oct 26, 2011

    First thing that came to my mind when I saw this thread. Well done sir.
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  21. CaptFrothy

    CaptFrothy Savant (285) Maryland Dec 9, 2006

    Black and Tan (guinness and Bass) has withstood the test of time so I like to tinker with this classic when at a bar that doesn't have good craft selections:

    Black and Blue (Guiness and Blue Moon)
    Black and Fat (Guiness and Fat Tire)
    etc etc
  22. galvetraz

    galvetraz Aficionado (115) Texas Sep 7, 2009

    Yea sounds about right. I have tried to do the fake barrel aged stout with mixed results. Typically my best results have been with the less is more approach. Thanks for tip I will try it out next chance I get.
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  23. ISmith87

    ISmith87 Initiate (0) Arizona Jul 19, 2011

    I was wondering if anyone else has had fun mixing beers? I've been doing this a little bit lately since it's often cheaper than resorting to 10-15 dollar bombers to try something I haven't had. I find that usually a Java Stout or Cream Stout mixed with a good Imperial Stout is a great balance. Cuts down the ABV a little bit but adds a little extra complexity at the same time. I really like all the well known Imperial Stouts but only drinking them can get monotonous not to mention out of hand if you have more than a few...

    Here are some examples of some of the combos I've been trying...

    Bell's Expedition with Bell's Double Cream Stout
    same with Bell's Smoked Stout
    same with Bell's Java Stout
    OB Ten Fidy with Santa Fe Java Stout
    OB Ten FIdy with my homebrewed stout

    It adds a nice change up to the usual routine, any one else tried this?
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  24. Monstro

    Monstro Savant (305) New Jersey Dec 5, 2009

    Founders Rubeaus is a great beer to mix with. I've mixed all of these beers with it, and they were all very unique and quite tasty.
    Founders Porter
    Founders Imperial Stout
    All Day IPA
    Founders Double Trouble
    I've even mixed it with Champagne during a beer brunch.

    I wonder if mixing a Bud Light or Coors Light with a really great double IPA would work? Might be a great way to cut down on ABV and save some $$.
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  25. DaKur

    DaKur Savant (400) Rhode Island Nov 15, 2012

    I mixed SUCKS and CITRA MANTRA today. Only because I opened the Sucks when I had half a glass of the CM left and said what the ..... IPA mixed with a hoppy Lager = Very tasty
  26. ISmith87

    ISmith87 Initiate (0) Arizona Jul 19, 2011

    I wonder if mixing a Bud Light or Coors Light with a really great double IPA would work? Might be a great way to cut down on ABV and save some $$.[/quote]

    Honestly, Mikkeller Black was flat and overpowering... until I pulled out some leftover MGD 64 and cut that ABV and added some carbonation, whoops. :)
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  27. ISmith87

    ISmith87 Initiate (0) Arizona Jul 19, 2011

    I just figured out what I'm doing tomorrow night.
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  28. If you can obtain either of them, mix Terrapin Wake-N-Bake with Moo-Hoo, and thank me later. :cool:
  29. dsl72701

    dsl72701 Aficionado (215) Arkansas Feb 26, 2014

    Everyone says Young's Double Chocolate and Framboise Lambic, but Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout and Founder's Rubaeus is worth a shot as well.
  30. I mix Arrogant Bastard and Fat Tire once. I called it a Fat Bastard. I thought it was pretty good
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  31. coddles

    coddles Aficionado (130) Oklahoma Nov 18, 2013

    Take a Wit(I used Anthems Arjuna), DFH Peche, and Founders Rebaeus. End of discussion.
  32. cl3

    cl3 Savant (360) Wisconsin Aug 16, 2013

    Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro + Founders Rübæus = Yum
  33. One of my favorites has always been Left Hand Milk Stout (Nitro) and New Belgium 1554 (50/50 split) - so much creamy chocolate goodness!
  34. Rsqrd1

    Rsqrd1 Aficionado (195) Illinois Jul 10, 2014

    I tried Founder's Devils Dancer with Stone Old Guardian. I liked the mix better than DD by itself, and it was faster than waiting 3 years for it to age.
  35. To answer the OP from a more proletarian perspective, I find that a can of Founder's All Day (<$20/15 cans) added to almost any better-than-drainpour-mistaken-purchase brew makes me feel better about my poor judgement.
  36. Rogue Double Chocolate Stout + Yards Corsica Love Stout = mocha!
  37. Janetwillson

    Janetwillson Zealot (95) Alabama May 28, 2014

    Thanks for this website. I have seen this DRINKS name. But I can't understand what is the full form of ABV?:rolleyes: