Monteiths "Brewers Series"

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  1. Just going to explain, this is probably a common scenario in OZ too but since I never been there I dont know the analogies.

    Monteiths was/is a brewery from NZs fiercely independent "West Coast" of the south island. The brewery was bought up by DB one of the NZs two big macros about 15 years ago. Locals were immediately suspicious that this would mean that their brewery would be closed and the beers would be made outside the region in one of the big cities. There were huge protests and guides to "how to spot a monteiths brewed on the coast" etc which kept the Greymouth brewery open. They won the fight to keep their brewery open but "their" beers were now brewed in Auckland too...

    This summer we have seen 3 beers from the coast Monteiths brewery emerge under the "Brewers Series" banner. Proudly stating "Crafted in Greymouth, NZ" on them. Is almost like the original brewery is surviving as a brewpub but using the buyer as a distributor.

    I tried them & got my own opinions but anybody else tried? Sorry long story but fascinated if there are similar brewery stories about...
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    It depends, are they absolutely terrible like Monteith's other beers?
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    I heard they produced a berliner-weisse, that was actually a pale lager, then registered the trademark for berliner-weisse in NZ.*

    * Did not actually happen.... yet.