Most Underrated Brewery

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  1. kemoarps

    kemoarps Advocate (700) Washington Apr 30, 2008 Verified

    Homer and all, but I have consistently enjoyed pretty much everything I've had from Fremont.
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  2. Mile_High_Brewer

    Mile_High_Brewer Aficionado (180) Colorado Mar 10, 2011 Verified

    +1 for Barley Brown's. Stopped in on Portland > Denver trip last summer and was blown away. Didn't know a thing about the brewpub, we just got lucky and needed to stop for food as we passed through en route to Boise. Totally unassuming place with fantastic pale ales and IPA's.
  3. Victory makes an awful lot of world class beers, but never gets any love as one of the best craft breweries in the U.S. What's up with that?
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  4. cpjtr9559

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  5. Schwantz

    Schwantz Savant (390) Florida Dec 16, 2012

    Swamphead. Gainesville.
  6. mrcraft

    mrcraft Champion (940) California Dec 15, 2012 Verified

    I'm a big fan of Beachwood in Long Beach. They make beers that rival other more famous breweries in the state but get nowhere near the same recognition. They did win the mid-size brewpub of the year at GABF this weekend, so maybe they'll start to garner more attention.
  7. Dan269605

    Dan269605 Savant (300) Connecticut Jul 10, 2013

    Clown Shoes
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  8. New England brewing... the crew I booze with are all Sea hag junkies
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  9. Of those, I would highlight Ipswich. The others seem to get at least a little play around here, particularly Brooklyn and Sixpoint. BCS and Resin have some very strong supporters.
  10. ScottieD

    ScottieD Savant (435) Connecticut Jul 30, 2011

    Knee Deep or Tree House
  11. I recently had their IPA in Ocean City MD. Great beer. We go to OC often, so a side trip to Salisbury to their brewery is definitely a future side trip.
  12. Central PA? Definitely...
  13. CraftFan5

    CraftFan5 Advocate (685) New York May 14, 2013 Verified

    That's because their 12 oz. bottles cost like $10.
  14. schildres

    schildres Aficionado (185) Maryland Oct 14, 2010

    Full Sail or even Anchor. I have not had a bad beer from either of them.
  15. ChrisM_

    ChrisM_ Aspirant (45) Oklahoma Jul 2, 2013

    I really like Shmaltz. I don't live in an area that distributes that beer though so my view might be skewed.
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  16. I once saw Jason refer to Tree House as the Hill Farmstead of Mass. Not sure I would rank it among underrated breweries. It may not be that well-known yet, but I don't consider that to be the same thing as underrated.
  17. HOP_KING

    HOP_KING Savant (250) Illinois Jan 30, 2013

    My pick is Half Acre. Simply put, I love their beers.

    What's your pick, BA?!? Hoping to get some good tips here for upcoming beer shopping.
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  18. afrokaze

    afrokaze Advocate (665) California Jun 12, 2009 Verified

    Make sure you get something by White Birch, hopefully something barrel aged.
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  19. sefus12

    sefus12 Savant (310) Kentucky Sep 7, 2006

    Sierra Nevada. Nothing they make is bad and consistency beats any other craft brewery out there. Can't beat them.
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  20. HOP_KING

    HOP_KING Savant (250) Illinois Jan 30, 2013

    This doesn't qualify get real
  21. BMMillsy

    BMMillsy Champion (805) Florida Feb 16, 2012 Verified

    Might sound silly, but I have to say AleSmith. Yes they get great ratings, and their Speedway varaints are off the charts, so not technically underrated. But their regulars outside of Speedway are barely talked about. Yet every one of them is near the top of their style. Don't think there is a brewery out there with better year round stuff than AleSmith, or more consistency all around.
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  22. chuckstout

    chuckstout Aficionado (245) Ohio May 22, 2006

    Plus they keep prices reasonable! Cant beat that!
  23. BrownAleMale

    BrownAleMale Advocate (635) Wisconsin Dec 14, 2011 Verified

    Rev Brewing. Great IPAs, great barrel program and good everyday lineup.
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  24. jucifer1818

    jucifer1818 Savant (420) Florida May 15, 2011

    ill take some flak for this one, but Anheuser Busch is a very underrated brewery. Note i said Brewery, not that their beers are underrated. Most of their beers suck.

    In terms of being able to brew beer, AB beats almost every brewery in the country, and not in volume. In precision, accuracy, brewery specifications, and overall brewing skill. I still feel that if they ever wanted to make a truly epic double IPA or Imperial Stout, they could make the best one in the country.

    however, in terms of beer, id go with Sam Adams. People have a serious hategasam for them (because their not local or small I suppose) and that bias hits them hard on a lot of the reviews of their beer.
  25. I have to disagree with that.
  26. BrownAleMale

    BrownAleMale Advocate (635) Wisconsin Dec 14, 2011 Verified

    OK, but Mean Gene, Bean Gene, Gravedigger Billy, 3rd year beer, Very Mad Cow are all good to amazing. I haven't had much more sine I live in WI, but have never been disappointed.
  27. atomic

    atomic Savant (480) Illinois Sep 22, 2009 Verified

    I havent had a Sam Adams that has really impressed me, and I get their seasonal 12 pack almost every season. In fact, beers by them I once thought were good before I was really into craft beer now seem really boring. Had an Old Fezziwig a couple nights ago, this was a beer I really enjoyed just a year ago, and drain poured about a third of it.

    The truth is, Sam Adams makes good beer for people who aren't really into beer. They get many people to try new styles they'd never otherwise look at, and for that, theyre awesome. But for the initiated, their beers don't really hit the spot.
  28. Stunmai

    Stunmai Aficionado (135) New York Nov 10, 2011

    Otter Creek. They are a mid-range brewery, that has a really good black IPA, and a great Amber ale. Their Stovepipe porter is one of the best out their, and the Russian Imperial Stout is outstanding. Arguably the best beer for the buck in the nation.
  29. alucard6679

    alucard6679 Savant (270) Arizona Jul 29, 2012

    Speak for yourself man, plenty of "the initiated" think that the Boston Beer Co is a fantastic brewery ;)
  30. This is just a silly argument.

    Boring does not equate to bad. Does Sam Adams pump out envelope-pushing extreme beers that keep people in whale-hunting mode? No. Does that mean they don't produce a great line of drinkable, enjoyable by both beer guys and non-beer guys for reasonable prices and insane distribution? Fuck, no.

    Don't get me wrong. I rarely buy Sam Adams at this point, with the exception of Double Agent and Noble Pils. However, if I'm going to a party or other get together, it is almost always the pack I choose to pick up. Everyone likes it, even those who aren't "into beer," and it is still good enough for me to thoroughly enjoy.

    The "hategasms" against Sam Adams are real, and it's not because they're a bad brewery...not even close. They are raged against because they are massively successful and available to everyone, making them "uncool" and "corporate" in this hipster-infested, fickle-minded hobby.

    You realize you're saying this about the brewery that is SINGLE-HANDEDLY responsible for the craft-brewing revolution in this country....?
  31. rorjets

    rorjets Advocate (660) Connecticut Nov 20, 2012

    Have to agree, for those of us who have been on the scene for awhile, searching out good beer since the '70s, Sam Adams is still an icon, and way under-rated just because they are successful.
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  32. VDUX

    VDUX Disciple (65) Illinois Feb 1, 2013


    Cafe royale
  33. I haven't been able to get White Birch since I moved to AZ from NH but will be visiting there in a couple of weeks and it is on my list.
  34. sefus12

    sefus12 Savant (310) Kentucky Sep 7, 2006

    Why not? SN is often over-looked because of how cheap or easy to find they are, especially beers like Stout or Kellerweiss. I can't tell you how many times I've read or seen (you know, in person) people knock or pass up a SNPA simply because they view it as a gate-way beer and not a real craft brew. SN is simply an incredible brewery that both gets a lot of hype (as deserved) and is overlooked because of how affordable and easy to find they are.
  35. sefus12

    sefus12 Savant (310) Kentucky Sep 7, 2006

    I'm one of the initiated. I love a few of their beers (Noble Pils, IPL, Boston Lager, Octoberfest). Does that mean I'm not one of the initiated anymore?
  36. Buzzardsuds

    Buzzardsuds Initiate (0) Ohio May 27, 2013

    Dark Horse
    Half Acre
    Jackie O's
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  37. MenardMa

    MenardMa Savant (490) Connecticut Feb 6, 2011 Verified

    Agree with this. They are still VERY new and all the attention they have been getting is positive...very small and very new, not underrated IMO...

    unless someone who has had Julius didn't put it immediately in their top 3...THEN they're underrated, because it's the best beer i've ever had :)
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  38. vshay

    vshay Aficionado (135) Pennsylvania Jun 23, 2013

    I agree with Weyerbacher. Another one I will say and most ppl won't agree is Appalachian Brewing Company. The small batches they put out are great