Moving from California to Hamden Connecticut need any and all beer suggestions

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  1. Just got word that I am moving in January to Connecticut and needed some ideas for beer stores, or breweries within a decent travel time. I certainly plan on making the random expositions to hillfarmstead, allagash, and so on. But needed to know if there is anything remotely close to Hamden. Also if anyone knows of a good bottle share group in the area I have plenty of great west coast beers (actually too many hoping to downsize the cellar before I move). Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. smutty33

    smutty33 Advocate (705) Connecticut Jun 12, 2009

    Just hit me up when you get here.Send me a PM,I can give you the complete run down on the area.
    Maybe even meet up for a bottle share w/ a few BA buds or something........;)

    Cheers !
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  3. In Hamden, you'll have Mikro right in town, top notch beer bar, and within 10-20min of New Haven with a few great spots, and likewise close to NEBCO.

    Overnight or weekend beercations to VT, NH, or ME are easy to do. I'm not going to say I've never done a daytrip to NH or VT but you spend a lot time on the road for how much time you have on target to get to places like Portsmouth or HF to do it in one day.
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    There's plenty of stuff in the New Haven area, which isn't too far from Hamden.

    Craft beer bars: Prime 16, Delaneys, Cask Republic, Mikro are all right in the area.
    The Winchester almost always has a few NEBC beers on tap

    Breweries: New England Brewing is pretty much it for breweries in that area. The guys there are great, very friendly. Growlers are always cheap.

    Stores: Amity Wine and Spirits in New Haven has most things you can get in CT and almost always get some allocation of the rarer stuff as well.
  5. First couple posts have already pretty much nailed it, NEBCO is the reigning champion in these parts and you can find their beers in a lot of places. My personal favorite is Delaney's, but Mikro is absolutely solid and will be a lot closer to you.

    Modern Apizza is, IMO, the pizza place and always has at least 1 NEBCO beer on tap. Each beer store has their own pros and cons, but for me Amity still comes out on top in general.

    In general, I'm sorry you're leaving the amazing California beer scene for the less spectacular (by comparison) beer scene of CT. The area has made some amazing strides within the last 6 months, but we still don't get Firestone Walker :(
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    Like everyone else said NEBCO is a great brewery and the northeast definitly has some good ones and we got some good beer bars...CHEERS
    To contine what DrWangerBanger said, you are going to LOVE the pizza here, some of the best in the world
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    Aaron(Apuzarne) and I have talked in a PM already.He is gonna contact me,I told him we can show him around/give him the run down.He says he is down for a bottle share too.

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    Hell yeah that sounds good, that should be a good time...CHEERS
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    Bottleshare, eh???
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    Lets do this!

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    You always say you wanna bottle share, and then never do :cool: haha
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    Well,if I can just snap my fingers and appear at your place in Danbury from West Haven,I would!
    Not my intention to miss out on some of the gems that go into your belly........:D

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    hahahaha yeah.
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    lots of good spots mentioned already.

    be sure to fill your trunk with some goodies from Cali to bring with you if youre driving :)
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  15. Thanks for all the great suggestions. And for those interested in bottle shares I definitely will be bringing lots of stuff from Oregon and California. My bottle share group also promised they would keep me stocked with California releases.
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  17. You're getting to S CT right in time for the impending opening of 2 Roads Brewery in Stratford, which I predict will be a giant in the region:

    For a change a new brewery that is properly capitalized & has a proven Brewmaster at the helm (Phil Markowski of Southhampton on Long Island) . I expect great things from this brewery. At one point heard a rumor they would be contract brewing for Firestone Walker.
  18. On a side note, anyone thinking about going to the southhampton stout release party? I think I will be in town in time for this fun looking event.