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NC Brewery trip at the end of this month...advice please??

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by franklymyrhett, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. So we are going to be starting in Asheville then heading East. I know the breweries to visit in Asheville but what are some other not to be missed breweries in the great state of NC?
  2. Foothills, Fullsteam, Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery, Lonerider, Big Boss, Bull City Burger and Brewery, Mystery Brewing, Natty Greene's.

    I suggest checking out Raleigh's own PintLab's app called brewerymap.

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  3. All this plus Olde Hickory
  4. Doh! I feel stupid for missing one of my favorite breweries. :)
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  5. Handle

    Handle Savant (345) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Charlotte has many that you should check out. Take 40 East, hit the Hickory breweries, visit Winston and then head south to Charlotte to check out The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and Triple C Brewing in the Southend. Visit the city's NoDa neighborhood for NoDa and Birdsong (which are right next to each other) and Heist, which offers a pretty interesting food selection with their beers.

    If you come south down I-77, you can check out Ass Clown Brewing in Cornelius, too. Their new taproom is worth a stop.
  6. I would also say Red Oak brewery, though I've heard they have strange hours.
  7. If you're heading East on 40 you MUST stop at Foothills in Winston Salem. Other than that I suggest Natty Greene's in Greensboro ( they have stepped their game up lately) and like has been said already, Olde Hickory is probably the best brewery in NC.... IMO
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  8. Foothills has been crushing it lately. Three different Jades, frostbite, assortment of BA beers.....
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  9. Mother Earth should be on the list as well.
  10. OBdave

    OBdave Aspirant (30) North Carolina Dec 30, 2012

    Don't forget Oskar Blues' new brewery in Brevard (about 25 miles south of Asheville). Started brewing locally a couple of weeks ago. Big New Year's eve bash next week. Some new brews + all of their canned favorites.
  11. Don't miss Catawba Valley, in between Asheville and Hickory.
  12. Very, very cool website!

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