Need advice on setting up a Nitro system

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    I Have been running a Co2 Draft system for about 3 years. I am looking to throw a keg of Founders Breakfast Stout on for the fall and thought it was a good time to try Nitrogen. Looking on More Beer I found one option for a faucet one option "sold out" for a guage and one option for a 5 lb tank.

    I would like to draw from experience and find out what the better brands of faucets and guages are for nitro. Do I need different type or different length line. What pressure should I be starting with. Anything you guys have to offer would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. I am not sure if the FBS runs on nitro or not, I do not think so - not to say you couldnt run it nitro. From my research the faucets seem to be only made by two primary manufactures, I went with the Micromatic.

    For my 2 tap setup, I just purchased the following:

    Recommended line regardless of nitro or co2 seems to be this Bev-Seal, I found it from Bird Man Brewing:
    Accuflex Bev-Seal Ultra Barrier Tubing

    From Amazon via Beverage Factory:
    Stainless Steel Premium Guinness Stout Beer Faucet

    From Kegworks:

    742N Premium Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator

    9100-NITROGEN Nitrogen Air Tank 10lb Aluminum
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    check into your local welding supply place. For the amount you'll actually be using this, a 5lb bottle is all you need. My local guy (who is also a homebrewer) said the 5lb bottle for beer gas (75% nitro, 25% co2) could be put into a bottle that has the same fittings as a normal 5lb co2 bottle. i.e., no need for a special one trick pony regulator. Different bottle, sure, but I can use a normal reg, and it works as a backup for my main if something happens to that.