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Great Britain New Beers of Europe Website

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Zimbo, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Be curious to see what people think Beers of Europe's new website. If I was them, l'd be wanting my money back and compensation for damages.
  2. Absolute crap

    Used it yesterday evening, for browsing as opposed to ordering, as a work colleague is going up there in his car today
  3. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (335) Ireland May 20, 2009

    Yeah, it's absolute bollocks alright. Don't know what they were thinking.
  4. It's a shame. Beers of Europe IMHO is easily the best online retailer in the UK and they deserve better than that. Just more fuel to my cast iron view that web site designers/ IT companies are the 21st Century's used car salesmen.

    But if there's a silver lining to all this its that a lot of old old lines have been restocked but you'll have to look and dig.
  5. Oh no, I don't like that at all!

    Though the old site was dated it was extremely easy to navigate and easy to use. This new site isn't easy to use at all.

    Shame, cos they are prob the best online beer site I've used. Hopefully they'll make it more user friendly.
  6. Damn. They actually asked for suggestions on facebook, and I was the only person to reply, saying don't change it, the website's great, amazingly simple and easy to navigate as it is.

    Now, the first 3 out of 6 in the "Back in Stock" section are out of stock...
  7. Really? from my five minutes of using it I disagree

    I always thought the old website was pretty poor - I don't mind out of date looking websites but it was a bit messy

    I like the new one, it's very easy to use and a lot cleaner looking. the filters are especially handy. I can't see how this is harder to use at all

    now I just need to resist placing an order :eek:
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  8. Oh wow, at last. I think it's a massive improvement.
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  9. katelj

    katelj Aspirant (40) May 9, 2012


    I'm Kate, I work for Beers of Europe and I wanted to take a moment to reply to the concerns raised in this thread.

    The new site launched on Friday but unfortunately, as you have seen, we have had a number of glitches occur which our developers are frantically trying to fix. We are aware of issues with the content, some old product lines are showing which shouldn't be, for example the first 3 items in the 'back in stock' section as mentioned above.

    Another issue we are aware of is that the page with our contact details is missing, this is being dealt with.

    With regard to the old monthly new products section (which has been mentioned elsewhere online) we are working to restore this feature.

    We are also aware of some issues relating to navigating around the site. We are obviously disappointed that the site has launched with these problems but we are eager to get the site working properly, quickly. We're very keen to hear any feedback, good and bad, relating to it. If you happen to come across a problem relating to navigation of the site (or anything else related to the site) please drop us an email ([email protected]) so we can resolve them as soon as possible.

    Cheers, Kate
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  10. Good luck with the site and sorting out the problems.

    Hopefully the new site will grow on me. Even if it doesn't the Beers of Europe site is prob the best online store I have used, so I will still use it regardless.
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  11. katelj

    katelj Aspirant (40) May 9, 2012

    Thanks. Can I ask what it is you dislike about the new site, is it just the navigation around the site? If you have any suggestions to make or features you would like to see do let us know as we're open to them. It's interesting to hear your comments about the old site as we would receive criticism about it on a daily basis!
  12. Hi Kate. Good to see you here. I had another try at the site earlier today and it seems better now. Unlike a few days ago it is easier to click onto a brewery and actually view their beers. That's an improvement for sure. Like you guessed, navigating through (or just getting on) the new site was initially a big bugbear for me. Not so much now. I realise it will take some time to iron out the glitches but I can already see the steps in the right direction. Good luck, and I look forward to doing some business with you guys in the future.
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  13. I was just in love with the old site really. It's true the new one could be alot worse.
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  14. Yeah - I was browsing last night and it seems better now than on Thursday. A bit quicker perhaps?
  15. Yeah, think maybe it was just a shock and knee jerk reaction. Does seem a bit nicer and easier to navigate. Should have given it some time before complaining. It's just that I'm so used to the old style site that it was a big shock!!

    It's a little bit slow at updating (only sometimes though) or when you're searching through lots of items.

    Also, may just be me, but I find the home page a bit difficult to read. Think maybe the fonts are all a bit too similar - too much white and grey perhaps.

    It's nice to know that you care what your customers think of the site though, thanks.
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  16. It's nice to know that you care what your customers think of the site though, thanks.[/quote]

    Yes. Another reason why I give Beers of Europe a BIG thumbs up.
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  17. Yes. Another reason why I give Beers of Europe a BIG thumbs up.[/quote]
    I am really impressed by BoE response and interaction
    Take note Brewdog this is how it is done, this is people skills and a real hands on in stark contrast to faceless and gutless corporate shtick.
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  18. Yes. Another reason why I give Beers of Europe a BIG thumbs up.[/quote]
    *Fraser from Dad's Army voice* ...crawler


    It's a shame postage costs so much (in general) so I have to stick with my local shop, which i'm happy to do as they've started stocking Arbor Ales
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  19. Yeah their prices are at the top end, plus postage decrees that you really need to spend northwards of £100 or more to justify a purchase

    can't be easy though, beer is some heavy stuff
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  20. Really? I've always found them to be one of the cheapest for actual beers - though their postage cost is probably the highest.

    I don't mind paying a bit more for some different/quality beers every so often though - I've not found anywhere local that stocks anything decent, have to make do with the supermarket :-(
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  21. £7.50 isn't too bad bearing in mind you can order as much as you want weight wise.
    I ordered a 24 crate of small bottles from Harveys the other week, largely for Dennoman, and that was £8.50 !
    You just need to be cost efficient and do a big order each time or do as I often do and split it with work colleagues.
    Means who ever does the order and takes the delivery has to drag 15/20 beers into the office over the course of the week but a 3 way split makes it a reasonable £2.50 per head.
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  22. It's just expensive compared to walking 10 minutes down the road.
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  23. katelj

    katelj Aspirant (40) May 9, 2012

    Good to get some feedback from all of you, thank you. I'll pass on all the comments re navigation and loading speed. We're hopeful we can get all the glitches dealt with quickly so please bear with us, hopefully the site will continue to grow on you all! I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else has any comments they want to add but would just add apologies if it takes me a while to respond, I've recently had a baby and I'm on maternity leave.

    Can I just address the points raised about postage? We appreciate that the £7.49 may seem high but this is for any amount ordered (so whether you order 1 bottle or 20 cases), as Ruds said above. We also highly subsidise it without passing on additional costs to the customer - its easier for us to charge a flat rate, that way customers know exactly what to expect!

  24. For me, it's by far the cheapest place to buy beer (ignoring supermarkets)! And the delivery isn't expensive (you can make it up on a box of twelve). Saisont Dupont for £1.99! Anchor Christmas Ale (when they had it in) for £1.89 (same price for the porter)! I'm always astonished by some of the low prices (Eku 28 (11%) for £2.49! Aventinus for £2.79! Samichlaus (14%) for £3.49! St. Bernardus 12, £2.89! And the 750ml Tripel is £4.39! Good prices for lambics! Wonderful beer for less than £2.00!). And, with the exception of an order I placed last Christmas, all my beer has come the following day...
  25. Thanks for dropping in again and congratulations on the addition to your family. Babies before beer as I've discovered in my home.
  26. Oh no, beer before babies! :-D

    Thanks for responding to our issues, much appreciated.

    I've never had a problem with p&p cost and I've only ever ordered one case at a time (gotta think of the poor delivery drivers if I ordered more than one case!). Think the fact that your cost per beer is usually a lot cheaper makes up for the slightly more expensive p&p.

    And we're not all as lucky as EssexAleMan being able to buy decent beer just 10 mins away!
  27. You can't give booze to baby.
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  28. It's always the same bloke who delivers for me, always 2 , usually 3 crates !!!

    He's cool with it, says he'd rather be delivering good beer to folks than the usual rubbish :)
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  29. with regards to what I was saying about cost, it's mainly from comparing the supermarket prices to yours, which I know isn't fair considering their buying power. And clearly with regards to choice you destroy them :eek:

    Also I'm exceedingly tight
  30. You jealous I walked out today and picked up Arbor Ales Brigstow Bitter, Orkney Skullsplitter, Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest and the jewel in the crown, a 2010 Bourbon County Vanilla Stout? ;)
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  31. Perhaps

    Think it would be nice if you could pick us all up something! :) How much do you charge p&p? :-D
  32. £7.48 ;) Lowest price around!
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  33. Easy Essex. £7.50 is the going rate from most online retailers and Beer of Europe will not only do the leg work for you and bring it to your door but they'll be saving you valuable time, petrol, bus fares etc. And that range. Very happy to give them my business.
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  34. £7.48 is lower than £7.49. It's not an insult, or mocking them, or saying they are too expensive, it's just a fact.
  35. Big hitch on the new site is no Back button from the beer details page.
    So I tick all the filter boxes to get the countries and breweries I want, I'm looking through the list of beers, I click on one beer to read about it and when I click Back on the browser (because you're using frames) boom! All my filters are cleared and it's like I just clicked Home.

    Also, on the page showing a beer's details, country and brewery look like they are links (and should be) but aren't.

    I'm a big fan; I've ordered from you and always been happy (especially with shipping cost!) That said, your new site does have usability and navigation flow issues. It's actually more difficult to put a shopping cart together now, and it was never particularly quick on the old site. Shame, because it looks great.
  36. What were they chargeing for the BCBVS?
  37. I paid £12.99 from BOE and picked up 8 bottles so the postage cost becomes irrelavent as I still saved money when compared to buying the same product from your local shop!

    That said, £13.99 isn't a bad price, they were £15.25 at Bitter Virtue!
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  38. I'd save money but i'd also end up spending more than I wanted. It's impractical for me to order anymore really as I wouldn't be able to get enough to make the postage seem irrelevant, and I don't know anyone else who would order so I couldn't split one with someone. It sucks but beer is heavy and that's just life I guess. At least now I can give local shops and breweries and bit more support though.

    No bottles will ever beat a good pint down the local though. Last week mine was actually serving mild (Rhymney Dark) and curry on the same night, it was epic.
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  39. Did it feel so good it was like walking on glass?