New Belgium Cocoa Mole...still around?

Discussion in 'US - Mountain' started by robertwk, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. robertwk

    robertwk Initiate (15) Dec 2, 2012

    Any idea on where to find some bottles of NB Cocoa Mole? It's the favorite beer of a friend of mine and I would love to find some to give as a gift, although I'm not sure where I could get some.
  2. I've been searching too, if you can find some let me know.
  3. denver10

    denver10 Champion (910) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010

    Haven't been looking but Fort Collins had a ton as of October.
  4. bitromp

    bitromp Aficionado (110) Colorado May 23, 2012

    You'll probably have your best luck the closer you get to Fort Collins. Haven't seen any around Denver for a while.
  5. robertwk

    robertwk Initiate (15) Dec 2, 2012

    I've been looking online as well, with no luck.

    If anyone spots it available for sale online, please let me know!!!
  6. timsoder

    timsoder Aficionado (140) Utah Feb 28, 2013

    The Cocoa Mole was, as with all of the Lips of Faith brews, a limited edition. Too bad because I thought it was stellar. I have it on good authority that NB is bringing it back.
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  7. Domingo

    Domingo Poobah (1,030) Colorado Apr 23, 2005

    Haven't seen this in a while. I think the last time was around X-Mas with a random keg at Star Bar.
    While (obviously) not the same, you might also enjoy the Mole Stout from Ska and Mexican Chocolate Stout from Copper Kettle. They aren't replacements, but they might fill that gap a little bit.
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  8. SuperWhite92

    SuperWhite92 Savant (325) Colorado Dec 21, 2005

    I know where there's a sixtel hiding, but I haven't seen bottles in a while.
  9. beatenbyjacks

    beatenbyjacks Savant (430) Colorado Apr 17, 2011

    NB Cocoa Mole was a little too sweet for me. I agree about the Mexican Chocolate Stout as an alternative. A little more heat, but dang is it good.
  10. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Advocate (615) Colorado Jan 20, 2012

    I'll third MCS, but denounce the ska mole' stout. Everything was so muted fresh, it's probably worse now that its sat since dec.
  11. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poobah (1,075) Colorado May 19, 2005

    Hmmm....seems like I saw it somewhere recently. Call Joy Wine/Spirits and Toast W/S Those are the two places I've been recently...maybe that's where I saw it o_O
  12. if anyone is going to pick some up would they mind snagging me a bottle? I'd obviously pay them back,