New Belgium Rolle Bolle

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  1. kemoarps

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    So I was at the store today and my buddy who works there showed me a new New Belgium release they have called Rolle Bolle. Quick google search didn't yield TOO much other than this kind of stuff

    Looked around BA and couldn't find anything about it (other than that the label had been approved for sale in Texas)

    The description I heard was kind of like a belgian blonde with sour-ish notes

    Anyone had it yet? Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  2. MammaGoose

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    God, I've been searching all over for a thread or review or anything else on this beer!!! I couldn't remember how it was spelled, so I've been googling "rollie bollie" and other misspellings, and nothing has been turning up.

    My beer store guy let us buy a 12-pack of this stuff before it's been put on the shelves. I guess they're waiting for all the Dig to sell out.

    I actually quite liked it! I have to admit, unless it's a very hoppy pale ale, I tend to be bored by light and sessionable lawnmower type beers. I respect that they have subtle lighter flavors and can still be an impressively done beer. I would just prefer to have one or two bigger-flavored beers as opposed to several sessionable light beers.

    That said...I really enjoyed this beer, and it definitely is light and sessionable and refreshing. Lightly fruity, I guess that's what the monkfruit and whatever else is, but not at all heavily sweet. I'd go with "tangy" as opposed to sour. It's actually fairly dry and crisp. Definitely a hint of Belgian yeast, but not loads of clove and bananas.

    I really liked it, and I'm sure I'll pick up at least one or two more 12-packs as Summer goes along. I'm interested to see what others think also :)
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  4. You just sold me on checking it out, the way you described what you like, what this is, and what it isn't is right up my alley.

    Hint of belgian yeast, clove and banana in check, dry, tangy, lightly fruity = what I want in a summer beer that isn't hoppy or wild. I wish 90% of the saisons I tried and didn't like the last few summers were more like this.
  5. Ricelikesbeer

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    I had this up at A-basin in the mountains this weekend. It certainly was pretty crisp and refreshing. I didn't detect belgian yeast or anything too crazy, without knowing I thought it was just a cream ale-like beer, or an american golden ale.
  6. kemoarps

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    I figured I'd pick up a sixer and bring it to our weekly social gathering. Use our group as guinea pigs. That way I can fulfill my providing refreshments role and sample it without committing to a half dozen of something I may or may not like!
  7. Excited for this and Victory's Saison Swing. Summer is looking good.
  8. FremontBar

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    The sheet I have from my New Belgium reps says
    "Rolle Bolle is a classic Belgian yard-game to be played in the summer. Rolle Bolle Ale is a perfect summertimes sipper, best enjoyed in the yard. Brewed with soursop and monkfruit, this light-bodied gem is sure to please. The earthy pear characteristics join a spritzy citrus splash from Cascade and Centennial hops. Pours a bright gold, with a firm white head. 5.2% Sample ship Mid-March, Beer ships Early April."

    Also be on the lookout for the Hop Kitchen releases coming out; India Pale Bock, French Aramis IPA, Fresh Hop IPA, and Rewind IPA, it looks like every quarter starting in March.
  9. Geuzedad

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    Just had the India Pale Bock. It was ok but I was not impressed with the hop presence. Almost non existent.
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  10. FremontBar

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    Haven't tried it yet but seemed like the least interesting for my palette. According to them it's a German-style springtime lager brewed with rye and loaded with old world hops.