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New brewery coming to Kings Mountain

Discussion in 'US - South-Atlantic' started by NoMoreBeerBelly, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. http://shelbystar.com/news/local/new-brewery-coming-to-kings-mountain-1.21905

    Anyone heard of these guys? At first I thought it was Stoudt expanding, but the article says Stout many times over. ​
    EDIT: A LLC lookup show Stout Brewing Company with a Charlotte address so I guess it is a new brewery. ​
  2. Bold predictions! More power to them.
  3. My first thought when I read about the tax incentives is that there may be some significant venture capital behind this. Anyone know any more about these guys? If it's VC-backed, we may be entering into a new era of the craft beer boom.
  4. http://gastongazette.com/news/local/new-brewery-coming-to-kings-mountain-1.22016

  5. Nice guy, eh? Maybe grandma was listed as an angel investor...

    "In December 2009, Mendieta was hired as Wave's Chief Financial Officer. On 1 January 2010, Entrust Tennessee ("Entrust"), custodian for the IRA of Mendieta's grandmother, Doris Underhill, made a loan to Wave in the amount of $800,000.00..."
  6. i also saw this...

    I wonder with the energy drink background all of these principle partners seem to have if this is going to be a Sparks/Loko style alcoholic beverage?
  7. Im scared of this. I hope they make some good beer, but all your talk has me scared.
  8. Given the name Stout21 I'd say you are almost certainly correct about it being some kind of gimmicky alcoholic energy drink.
  9. Pretty sure whiskeytown and chefkevlar are correct!
  10. MMM black IPA/energy Drink!
  11. There's more, the name Stout21 turns up some interesting google hits:

    First is a trademark page: http://www.trademarkia.com/stout21-85210449.html that seems to have been filed WAY back in January 2011 and is filed under the discription Light Beverage Products and Beer. Note that Light Beverage doesn't mean light beer though, lots of breweries are listed under that category along with a bunch of energy drinks sodas etc.

    Second is a pintrest board called Stout21 Project. While I can't say for certain that it's related you'll notice that it belongs to a graphics designer and that almost all of the items pinned are related to design, logos, and packaging of either alcoholic beverages or energy drinks. I don't think it's a huge leap to assume that it is related. http://pinterest.com/alitaylor/stout21-project/
  12. Handle

    Handle Savant (405) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    I guess I'll have to wait and see, but I have my reservations about a brewery that defines itself as a "beverage concept."

    What's funny is that the whole energy drink look that they seem to be going for based off of that Pinterest board is going to turn away most craft beer drinkers. As would the name, I would think.

    Again, I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but it's not looking that great so far.
  13. I will be interested to see how this plays out
  14. Maybe a nice schnaps barrel aged red bull pilsner?
  15. As a tribute to the county, maybe a meth aged AAL?
  16. I wouldn't be surprised if more background checking went into this thread than the Cleveland County commissioner did prior to giving incentives.
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  17. When everyone's euphoric...it's time to panic. Or at least do some due diligence.
  18. Securityking

    Securityking Initiate (0) Oct 11, 2012

    Beware Kings Mountain, you have a Madoff on your hands!
  19. Details? You posted the same remark on two different forums about this brewery.
  20. brewing...with an edge:cool:

    no thanks
  21. Handle

    Handle Savant (405) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Yeah, this doesn't sound like a brewery at all.
  22. Vinmad

    Vinmad Disciple (50) North Carolina Nov 24, 2009

    Bottom line is they are providing much needed jobs and hopefully a product people will want to buy. I wish them the best regardless of the product they bring to market!
  23. I agree... but it sure would be nice if they made good brews too.

    I've long wanted to open the first brewery in Gaston County - Belmont area - even have a couple of financial backers... but the pockets still aren't deep enough for me to take that leap, sadly. I do not want to make energy drinks.
  24. I will kick in a few names that they can use for first couple of beers...

    Ponzi County Stout
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  25. jmw

    jmw Savant (440) North Carolina Feb 4, 2009

    "We plan to achieve an exciting level of growth by focusing on creative new strategies for supporting our customers,"

    What a load of whitewash
  26. Handle

    Handle Savant (405) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    Sounds like our suppositions were correct. It's not clear if they'll also be brewing actual beers, though to be honest I don't really have a strong desire to try anything from a "brewery" behind these other products:

  27. That confused me as well. How is cheap alcohol going to discourage anyone?
  28. I'd seen this two nights ago on my WRAL app when I couldn't sleep from being stoked about landing my white whale and realized that the names matched up. Not the type of brewing I'm hoping for in the state of NC! But have to agree with jobs!