New Cantillon 50N4E will be released 2012-13

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  1. I've got a whole set of beer coasters with these cartoons on them.
  2. futura123

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    Is there any more cartoon other than the three posted here? I'd love to see them if you can post the pictures.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Looks like 50N4E should be available for sale to the general public come April.
  6. I should clarify that I the brewery.
  7. OakedCanuck

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  8. The brewery.
  9. waltersrj

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    I'll be in Belgium over this coming Christmas and hopefully they will have some left by then :)
    Maybe I'll just buy some from Etre if they get some.
  10. xpimptastikx

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  11. waltersrj

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  12. awinkro

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    Any idea what the bottle limit is?
  13. fthomasl

    fthomasl Aficionado (140) Texas Mar 20, 2007

    I was there and might have been to first person to purchase some of it. They were not officially selling it, but after buying a case of other stuff he let me have 3 bottles. Worth every single penny...bought another bottle of it and enjoyed it there.
  14. stupac2

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    Wait it's available to go? They had specifically said it wouldn't be...
  15. fthomasl

    fthomasl Aficionado (140) Texas Mar 20, 2007

    Uhhhh....hmmm. Scratch that I didn't get any of it.;) It might have been timing...seriously they had just put it on the menu to drink there that day I was there. I tried to get some of the Frou to take away, but they didn't give me any.

    On a side note the head brewer is amazing. He brought me out a un-hopped / un-carbonated Iris to taste. Next time I am going to bring a bunch of rare stuff from the states for him.
  16. YogiBeer

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    Hopefully he can taste the rareness.... easily my favorite flavor.
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  17. stupac2

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    Man I brought him a Beatification last time and I didn't get anything! You're a lucky dude, I'm super jelly.
  18. fthomasl

    fthomasl Aficionado (140) Texas Mar 20, 2007

    I bet he will...he's gonna love the shiner bock and sam adams lager I bring him
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  19. zdk001

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    Some friends of mine were just there two weeks ago and brought 2 bottles back, so they must have some for carry out.
  20. I think it was 2,700 bottles.
  21. It is. There was a 6 bottle limit when it was officially released about 2 weeks ago. Last weekend it was down to a 1 bottle limit.
  22. I was there on 4/23 bought 4. They didn't specifically state that there was any limit, but at the very least it was 4. Looks like I got there just in time before they cut you off at 1.
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  23. I saw a post last night - and now I cannot remember where - that this is sold out at the brewery. Can anybody confirm this? I was hoping to have a friend pick some more up, but it sounds like that may not be an option.
  24. I was there last week and they still had it. Not sure how much was left, considering they didn't advertise that they were selling it and when I asked about it she said I could buy a bottle and pulled it out of a random crate. No harm in your friend asking though!
  25. They had it 2 weeks ago. I had to buy three other bottles of different before they would let me buy one of the 50N4E, though. I didn't mind as I was going in to buy a bunch, anyway, but those types of deals always irk me a little bit.