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New Hamilton IPA

Discussion in 'Canada' started by TheHammer, Mar 8, 2013.

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  2. Heh, very few of the most ambitious craft brewers make a gruit. Probably not the first beer style for them to make to break into the market. Give it time and if they turn out to be successful, maybe they'll branch out.
  3. I know Victor, the brewer, he's a member of my homebrew club. I went down to the release and it was packed, they've had a couple of good events at the ship, including an Amsterdam tap takeover. They have a good little place there. There is another brewery in the works for Dundas, the owner of a winery in Niagara that has collaborated with some of Amsterdam's brews will be setting up shop.
  4. Hamilton is finally entering the 21st century and the craft beer scene, even some of the chain restaurants are offering other choices.

    Judging by the way the new releases are flying off the LCBO shelves the demand is certainly there. Now if we can only get a "brewery feature" to happen here.

    That Dundas brewery looks good, supposedly called Shed and possibly opening in the Fall:

  5. Yes, I live in Waterdown, just up the hill from Dundas, a brewery with an adventerous streak is quite welcome in this neck of the woods.