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New Hampshire brewery legislation update & brewery news

Discussion in 'US - New England' started by FrankLloydMike, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but couldn't think of anywhere else...

    Insurance Guy Beer Blog (northern New England-based, I believe) has compiled a list of all the breweries-in-planning in New Hampshire and Maine, and it's pretty extensive. There are a few I recognize, some of which seem to be pretty far along, including 603 Brewery, which should be releasing their first offerings pretty soon. There are many more I've never heard of, and I wonder how many of them are serious, but it's certainly interesting. I'd love to see two more breweries in Manchester and even more in Portland, as on this list. Anyone have any info on any of the projects on the list?
  2. The Union Leader is reporting on a bill that would allow state liquor stores to sell beer, starting with beer from New Hampshire nanobreweries. (I also heard on NHPR that New Hampshire is the only state that offers a separate license specifically for nanobreweries.) I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of state liquor stores selling beer. On the one hand, I like the idea of the state promoting in-state (and maybe eventually regional) breweries in its stores, but I also fear that this bill would quickly lead to the liquor stores selling 30 racks of Bud Light and overlooking craft beer. I'd also be concerned about the impact it could have on the growing number of good beer stores throughout the state, which focus on craft and local beer, and have probably done more than just about anything else (in conjunction with the growth in local breweries) to promote craft and local beer in New Hampshire.

    The article also mentions a bill to allow nanobreweries to sell pints. Personally, I think this would be great: allowing real taprooms in New Hampshire:

  3. sanborn13

    sanborn13 Aspirant (35) Maine Sep 12, 2011

  4. Eddie Edwards strikes again (from today's Union Leader):

    And what is wrong with consuming beer in a taproom?
  5. I'm curious to hear what NH's nanobreweries think about the state liquor stores selling their product.
  6. Eddie Edwards is the single most inept, clueless, unqualified, idiotic individual I've ever had the displeasure of representing me (;)) in our governmental system. A total buffoon with zero knowledge of what the hell he is doing. I mean it's almost comical to listen to the man speak and read the absolute rubbish that is attributed to him in the press. What a dolt.
  7. Maybe that's why the state was advertising for his position while he's still in the position:


    Oh, and you can even contact him yourself. I may drop him a line:
    Eddie Edwards, Chief
    Phone: (603) 271-3521
    Email: [email protected]
  8. The Union (Mis)Leader is reporting today that Eddie Edwards is leaving his post at the Liquor Commission as chief of enforcement:

    Good riddance. Let's see if we get someone in the job who can tell that Founders Breakfast Stout is not marketed to children, unlike perhaps the cotton candy-flavored vodka that Eddie Edwards has allowed to be stocked throughout the state's liquor stores. And obviously we don't want a drunk running the Liquor Commission, but replacing a teetotaler with someone who understands the importance of the craft beer economy in the state, and the right of people to responsibly enjoy craft beer (and other alcohol) will be a big improvement.
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  9. This sounds like great news, depending on who replaces him of course.

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