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New Holland Dragon's Milk oak barrel ale vs. Bourbon barrel stout

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DCgolfpro, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. DCgolfpro

    DCgolfpro Savant (475) Maryland Oct 26, 2011

    Today I saw this at the store and bought it because I thought it was a beer I hadn't had. Now I'm wondering if New Holland just changed the label and name of the beer. Before when I'd seen this it was labeled as an "Ale aged in oak barrels". You can see this one says, "Bourbon Barrel Stout".

    Is this the same beer? Did I just buy 2 four packs of the same old Dragon's milk?

  2. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Champion (840) Michigan May 8, 2006

    Same beer just new labels. New Holland is now being more descriptive in their labeling. Both Dragons Milk and Pilgrims Dole have always been bourbon barrel aged, many people are just now catching on due to labeling.
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  3. DCgolfpro

    DCgolfpro Savant (475) Maryland Oct 26, 2011

    FT: Two 4 packs of Dragon's Milk
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  4. ...I was waiting for that.
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  5. DCgolfpro

    DCgolfpro Savant (475) Maryland Oct 26, 2011

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  6. Dragon's Milk is my favorite New Holland brew. I wouldn't be disappointed if I had 2 four packs. So if something isn't aged in bourbon it isn't worth drinking anymore? I'm still trying to figure out when beer advocate became bourbon advocate.
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  7. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Two different labels, same gross beer inside.
  8. DCgolfpro

    DCgolfpro Savant (475) Maryland Oct 26, 2011

    It IS aged in bourbon barrels. You read the label, right?

    Beer advocate didn't become bourbon advocate. It just so happens a lot of BA's dig on bourbon barrel aged beers. I'm one of them. I thought this was one I hadn't had, so I bought some. Turns out I've had it. Would have rather spent the 30 beans on Sucaba and BA bigfoot next week. If you like it so much, I'd be happy to trade with you.
  9. Yeah I dislike Dragon's Milk myself. Night Stalker is far superior from NH.
  10. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (505) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Had it last night and thought it was delish :p, i still love ya tho

    OP: Should have bought one four pack if wasn't sure
  11. BlackDragon

    BlackDragon Initiate (0) Michigan Feb 16, 2013

    Night Stalker is Goose Island and not as good as Dragons Milk it's my favorite year round beer I'd be glad to take it off anyones hands who doesn't want it.
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  12. drgarage

    drgarage Initiate (0) California Aug 19, 2008

    I think he meant Night Tripper.
  13. zachary80

    zachary80 Savant (325) Indiana Nov 29, 2009

    So you thought they used the same name on a different beer that has only two reviews? I understand wanting to qualify whether it was a different barrel from regular Dragon's Milk but I'm not sure what happened in the thread after that
  14. Marti403

    Marti403 Savant (470) Michigan Jul 23, 2011

    Same thing goes with the Pilgrim's Dole. It's always been barrel aged but they just now started putting it on the label.
  15. I'm about 99% sure that guy had Dragon's Milk.

    Edit: OK, I'm 100% sure but was trying to be nice.
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  16. I did mean night tripper. But I've had night stalker too and it beats them both!
  17. DCgolfpro

    DCgolfpro Savant (475) Maryland Oct 26, 2011

    I thought it was strange it only had two reviews. I was almost convinced it was the same old beer when I found it above the same old DM label on the shelf. Something about the change from "ale" to "stout" (obviously a stout is an ale...) and the "oak" to "bourbon" with the different label made me take a chance. I did a quick google search on any information on a label change and didn't find anything. I rolled the dice and lost. Not a big deal, or any kind of deal, but I came here to find out for sure what I'd bought.

    I now think the two people that reviewed it made the same mistake as I. As far as the same name, sure why not? Yeti, Eclipse, a dozen other examples, why not Dragons Milk. As far as I knew until starting this thread there could have been Oak DM, Bourbon DM, Egg Nog DM, Baby's Breath DM. It's wouldn't have been the first time I came across a beer in a store I couldn't find on BA. It just so happens that this time the beer's label doesn't currently match the beers name on BA http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/335/5428
  18. Really? I just bough a 4 pack thinking it was a different brew. I have had Dragons milk before and didn't notice any bourbon flavors. I think they are aging them partially in bourbon now just to add to the name.
  19. kzoobrew

    kzoobrew Champion (840) Michigan May 8, 2006

    New Holland may have reused the barrels more in the past, leading to a less intense bourbon flavor, but it has always been aged in bourbon barrels. This information has been confirmed by multiple people at New Holland.
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  20. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Moderator (655) Georgia Feb 12, 2012 Staff Member

    I thought it sucked as well. Bought a bottle of it in Asheville last year and about barfed at the house when I opened it.

    No bourbon, and little oak. More like twigs and dirt.

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