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    Any really good beer spots that are must stops in New Orleans, heading in for a visit from 1/14 - 1/17 and besides Hurricanes and hand grenades I'd love to check out some beers.

    I'm from NJ near Philly so have lots of stuff available in the area, did a seek a brew check to find out what is down there that isn't up here and didn't see stuff I recognize.

    I'll b staying in the tourist area of Canal street at the Marriott so you can get a sense of local, will have a car but prefer to walk/public transit/taxi it around while down there, will be with a friend who loves good brews too then his wife and my Fiancé as well, his wife is pregnant and won't be drinking so we have a babysitter, my fiancé isn't big on beer but will drink the girly stuff.

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

    Food spots and must see do's also appreciated.. Cemetery's, other cool New Orleans stuff etc.

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    Oh, I do know of Avenue pub, only place I was actively planning on hitting for beer.

    Anybody know if Fou' Foune is still on? Bc that would be amazing esp at $6 for 6 oz I'd easily sit there and drink 4-10 pours! Haha
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    Gonna have tomtaxinor drive to Avenue pub. Have to visit there and get up stairs.
    Stein's deli is the spot to get lunch and pick up some very good bottles.

    You want to bring some Flower Power along?
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    Yeah got to hit up Steins.. maybe i'll luck out and they'll have some cantillon or some Fantome stuff.. that's hard to come by up here, when it hits it's gone in seconds.... doubtful i'll be able to bring much if anything down, carpooling down 4 of us in one small nissan.. i figure trunk space will be limited to personal bags and the such.. if i can swing it i'll try to though.. will post back
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    Burger= Port of call
    Gator & Cajun = Mulates
    Oyster bar, barbq shrimp = pascale manales

    Plenty more. Those I crave from time to time.

    Reminder: great sandwiches and lunch at Stein's Deli
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    Boucherie is a great restaurant and they have a nice beer selection considering the type of establishment.
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  7. I wouldn't count of finding any Cantillon. They don't stick around long at Stein's. I tend to have luck at the smaller, lesser known, but nearly as good stores. But, Dan has been to tuck them away and allot them to big buyers, so you never know. There should be a few Fantome though. Avenue Pub should have some Cantillon though, but it will be bar priced and on site consumption only. The Whole Foods on Magazine may be worth a peek since it's just down the way from Steins. They definitely can get some good stuff, but it can definitely be random.

    I've got some various Cantillon, but I'm also 30-45 minutes out the way lol

    Hope you enjoy your visit.

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    Thanks. Yeah I never count of Cantillion it's just elusive stuff at this point, if Fou Fone is still on at Avenue pub at the price listed its like finding a bottle, it's only I think listed at ... Ah hell just checked and not listed anymore, ah well can't expect it to last long and if it had been on sinc le zwanze day till just a day or two ago when I first checked then that's a miracle, it would have been gone in less than an hour up here in NJ/PA no matter what bar had it on

    Thanks for the Recs, if anybody sees anything pop up in the next week hit me up. I'll be on the road down there in one week exactly, prob arrive sometime Monday night.
  9. The fou was tapped on New Year's Eve, and died Friday night at around 10pm. It was lovely though. There should be a few bottles of other cantillon you can purchase to drink there.
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    ^ah, yeah zwanze day till Friday is unheard of for Fou Foune to last, the fact it lasted 4 days is still amazing! Wish I could have got some, oh well. Will surely have to drink any of the quality local beers, what are the must tries I read something about a pecan beer, but think its from Mississippi?
  11. Casedogg43

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    Lazy Magnolia has the Southern Pecan.
    Also have Timberbeast. If you like DIPAs, you'll want to try this one!
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    Good stuff I'll try both! Can't wait to get down there on Sunday! Also looki g forward to trying the NOLA brewing IPA Ina can Hippo something? Read some reviews a few days back and it's very up my ally!

    Talked with my buddy going with me about Avenue Pub and Steins, we both got a kick out of how Steins has "Amaroso" rolls listed for their cheesesteak as well as Taylor (nj) pork roll! Haha

    Had some angels share, cafe racer, carton 077xx tonight! All great beers the. Sampled one of the worst beers I've ever had, climax nut brown ale, shit was funky, sour, potpourri, just plan horrible, no nut, no brown, tasted like a flat up flat diet soda but way worse, it was fucking miserable... Oh well bound to get one bad apple in the bunch from time to time : / luckily waitress brought my buddy a smuttynose old brown dog instead and didn't charge him for the climax schwill!
  13. Casedogg43

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    NOlA has hopitoulos. Pretty good. Check at ave pub for the MechaHilopzilla. The NOLA DIPA, tasty!
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    ^will do!
  15. Abita Abbey Ale is a tasty tribute to the monks of old. Also their Seasonal Mardi Gras Bock recently hit the shelves. If your here on a Friday that's when NOLA Brewing does its free tours.

    Don't miss Ryan's Irish Pub while you're here. 15 Handles, nothing really far out, but a great place to hang and watch sports if anything is on you want to watch with a group. It's also like 2 blocks from the Marriot!
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  16. You also should be able to get your first Bigfoot of 2013 by that time.
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    Thanks for all the tips and spots to hit up everybody! Can't wait to head down.

    Won't be there for a Friday otherwise the NOLA Brewing tour would be something i'd hit up.

    Yeah Bigfoot has hit here in NJ late last week, drinking great as always!
  18. Dan is from the Philly area, so there are lots of north east specialty things in store. i think the biggest sign in the place (aside from the menu) is the same as your avatar
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    ^Awesome.. i'll wear my hat!
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    So far just had a NOLA Blonde, not great, but had some good Gumbo and now some Hurricanes so all is well, better brews tomorrow! NOLA Is GREAT though! Having a great time!
  21. Posting up in here because I'll be in NOLA 2nd week of March :D

    Very excited!
  22. Rossodio

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    Hey man, yeah, you have to hit up Stein's. I have the good fortune of living almost exactly halfway between Stein's and Avenue Pub and can walk to either. It is heaven. Being a Phillies fan you will be especially welcome in Stein's. But yeah, either Dan or Andre over at Stein's are the guys to talk to. I haven't bought Fantome there but do see it there quite often and in fact think I saw some offerings when I was there this morning to buy stuff. Enjoy your time here!
  23. digdug1810

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    Thanks! Sadly I wasn't able to get over to Steins before leaving town earlier today but did get over to the ave last night and played some trivia at the upstairs bars while enjoying great brews.

    Hope to come back and visit NOLA again sometime!
  24. Bump! So I'll be in town on Thursday, visiting from Seattle. What are some of the can't-miss beer bars/breweries? Thanks in advance!
  25. erichall

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    Its been said here. Avenue Pub. Open 24/7 with a world class import and good regional beer list. Not to mention one of the best whiskey/bourbon bars south of the mason Dixon.

    If you are staying in the quarter, it is about a $8 cab ride away. It can be walked but it was raining most of our trip so we didnt do it.

    The avenue had lots of interesting beers from all styles in both bottles/draft. We had Struise Pannepot, a barrel aged sour from St Arnold plus a few more.
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  26. Thank you sir!