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New To Austin - Looking for good places to buy good beer

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by 200MG, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. 200MG

    200MG Disciple (70) Texas Jun 5, 2010

    Please pass along any good spots to buy beer in Austin. I am up north, Mopac@Parmer. Looking to get some ommegang and abbey grand cru, if you know where i can get this in north austin please let me know
  2. lokieman

    lokieman Savant (475) Oklahoma Jan 20, 2011

    Take Mopac south and get off on the Hwy 360 exit (probably 5 minutes down Mopac from Parmer). Take a left at the stop light crossing over Mopac and you will see the Arbor Walk shopping center. Specs liquor is in the shopping center and that's going to have the best selection near you. If my directions aren't clear you can just map it via google maps. I live around Parmer and I-35 and that's where I do a lot of my beer shopping. Sunrise Mini Mart on Anderson Ln is also good...not near the selection but they get limited beers sometimes that Specs doesn't. Hyde Park Market has a great selection and have a lot that Specs doesn't but a little further south and more expensive. Hope this helps man and welcome to Austin...
  3. 200MG

    200MG Disciple (70) Texas Jun 5, 2010

    Thanks lokie, i've seen specs, i'll check it out
  4. bccocx

    bccocx Champion (810) Texas Jan 13, 2007 Verified

    GreatBrewers.com is a good source for locating a beer:

    http://greatbrewers.com - find the beer you want, then use the beer finder (enter ZIP) to find the nearest locations
  5. kmello69

    kmello69 Advocate (645) Texas Nov 27, 2011 Verified

    Or if you want to go a little further, take MoPac all the way down to 290 and go to the Specs on Brodie. Best selection in town, and will have stuff that none of the other Specs have. Which is a huge pain, since it is literally the furthest Specs from me (I live in Round Rock). But its often worth the drive.
  6. You can hit up Sunrise Mini Mart on Anderson Ln, just off Burnet Rd. Probably my favorite bottleshop in Austin.
  7. lokieman

    lokieman Savant (475) Oklahoma Jan 20, 2011

    Yea I live in north Austin and Specs Brodie is always my first stop. I can get myself in trouble there...
  8. 13DegN

    13DegN Aficionado (175) Texas Mar 25, 2012 Verified

    WhipIn on I35 ( S of downtown) carries a selection. Can get growlers to go there ... and others places.
  9. LittleDon

    LittleDon Advocate (535) Texas Feb 16, 2009

    I second kmello69's Spec's on Brodie recommendation. I've been to all the Austin Spec's except 4 Points and this one is the best, by far. Unlike the others, the staff there knows their shit. Whip In is great for singles and growlers. Central Market and the Whole Foods downtown are decent, as well.
  10. jacobbocce72

    jacobbocce72 Savant (355) Texas Dec 18, 2011

    The 4 points Spec's is currently on my poop list. Went by a few weeks ago and saw they had their Real Ale on sale (got excited). Picked up a 6 pack of Brewhouse Brown and Full Moon Rye. Starting drinking the Full Moon and realized it tasted a little funny. Turns out the best by date was over 2 months ago! My guess is they were just trying to clear out stuff that had sat there way too long. Yea, my fault for not looking (I was in a hurry and got distracted).