Newport Storm '12 in MA...

Discussion in 'New England' started by rudzud, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. rudzud

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  2. ptrc

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    afaik they don't distribute in MA
  3. They do distribute here, but I haven't seen that one, although I've mostly seen their 6-packs around.
  4. seanwhite

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    They used to be found at Julios, but it has been months.
  5. MA08

    MA08 Savant (300) Massachusetts Nov 13, 2008

    This did come to MA. Vinnin Liquors in Swampscott had it recently, but that is the only place I saw it.
  6. yankee in swansea has it
  7. Vinny C's in Boylston, MA had some a little over a week ago. We bought a bottle and they had more, I am willing to bet it's still there.
  8. Psychmusic

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    If you're really desperate RI is close enough and it's available at any decent bottle shop in the Providence area.
  9. As of two months ago Chris Gasbarro's in East Providence was still sellling the '07 version.
  10. jglowe77

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  11. Its waxed this year OMGOMG! I recall seeing black wax in CT though and they ditched the flush wine corks this year.

    Chile beer? Eeeesh, won't bite this year either....
  12. rudzud

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    In boylston....that's not too bad of a jaunt. How much was it?
  13. I think it was $11.99.