NFL BIF Hints & Hauls Yo!

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  1. Haha, it's a great beer but had to give you some shit. What's the homebrew?

  2. I believe it's a coffee stout. However, after drinking too much a few weeks ago, my brewing partner and I mislabeled quite a few bottles. So it could be the newest batch of Blackberry Merlot... :/
  3. A few more boxes landed today:

    VtBeerRun making my day. Perfect, thanks a ton for coming strong with a Top 10 brew for me. Awesome! :)

  4. BigAlTemple sending some Colorado love. Thanks for the sweeeet box and going above and beyond. Been dying to try these stouts.

  5. A box with no label from Michigan. Well, I love Citra and have never tried these and BWB is always a great beer. Thanks!

  6. In the holy shit snacks file goes this killer box from biglobo. A jaw dropper for sure, thanks man!
  7. From wittebanter, excited to try this from a favorite brewery of mine.
  8. gkatsoris

    gkatsoris Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2007

    add another crazy haul to the list!
  9. [​IMG]

    Already on can 2 of 4 from VTbeerRun. So, so good. Cheers!
  10. Jose2412

    Jose2412 Savant (250) Michigan Feb 25, 2012

    That was from me, sorry about not including a name and for the delay!
  11. No sweat man, nobody else has list their BA Name except for my man Big Al Temple! Appreciate you sending the brews.
  12. biglobo8971

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    yeah, but I made it pretty obvious.
  13. Kelly dropping a box from Mass with 2 perma-wants to make a rainy Monday that began with getting drilled at the dentist. Much appreciated Kelly! I love both of these brews.

  14. Tara also came strong with a 5-spot of awesomeness. Always happy to receive either of these great beers. Thanks for the sweet box!

  15. My intent was to tell him not to worry about it, not to dog anybody so my apologies. I appreciate everyone sending beers that I really want to drink. :)
  16. Mine lasted about 6 hours. I'm terrible at saving delicious IPAs.
  17. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Advocate (590) Minnesota May 6, 2010 Verified

    I kid, I kid
  18. gkatsoris

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    Who the hell is Tara???
  19. Haha, I'm having a tough time tracking down BA names. Box was sent from Waukegan, IL 60087.
  20. gkatsoris

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    That'd be from Durb777. And freakin Zombie Dust!

    This is the most generous BIF I've ever been a part of. The minimum is 1 container of beer, and I think the avg amount is some where around 40oz per box. Man I love this community!
  21. Prepare to be floored, again.

    Moar hauls!

    Al, those will work just fine ;) Thanks man!!

    From osubuckeye99 (I think? Came from Chris in IL, I'm jumping to conclusions like Office Space). Can't wait to dive into the Daisy Cutter and speechless about the Aged Barleywine, it looks amazing!!!
  22. gkatsoris

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    Only 4 more BAer's left to send...

    I've been in communication w/ everyone except hmph, all the rest will be shipping soon.
  23. A couple more sweet boxes today. First, some Minnesota lovin from Brian Christensen. Bad camera and dark bottle is Surly Pentagram. Abrasive is seriously amazing and I go through a couple cases per year. Awesome box Brian! Thanks so much man.

  24. Another beauty from OSUBuckeyes99. It is good dudes like yourself that helped your buckeyes get an easier draw as a 2 seed than most of the 1 seeds. I have loved everything from Revolution and I don't expect this beast to be any different. Cheers!

  25. 3Hops

    3Hops Aficionado (235) Minnesota Jul 20, 2011

    Glad it made it safely. Hope you enjoy. Can't wait till next year when the vikes win me some boxes....

  26. By the way McNuts, can I come visit? Your landscape looks a lot nicer than Boston at the moment. Is that sunshine? I've heard of that before...
  27. Brooklyn, there was BCBS in your haul, so someone snagged it from you...let me know if not bc I definitely packed it.
  28. Will double check, think I still have box.
  29. [​IMG]
    3hops bringing the barell aged big guns! Thanks my friend, love everything from steel toe!

    And martin123012 racking up dem hopslam points along with a new IPA tick. Thanks for all!
  30. gkatsoris

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    Neshaminy Creek IPA.....pretty effing cool Marty. That's about as local as local gets for me.
  31. yea i like it there nice small place, and really wanted to send something never tried before
  32. i saw ur excitement bout hopslam earlier so threw it in, would have added a daisy cutter had i know, and let me know your thoughts on the county line, it was there first bottling

  33. seems to be about 40 mins from my parents' place and did not know it existed. I will have to visit next time I'm out that way.
  34. martin123012 sent along an IPA I have never had and a Guinness shirt. Thanks! This one will go down this weekend for sure while watching tournament.

  35. Guiness shirt was just extra padding. Should be another bottle
  36. I think I missed a Nugget Nectar that I found in the box tonight. Thanks again!
  37. A couple sweet boxes landed today. Libbey hooks up some sour goodness. Thanks very much!

  38. gkatsoris

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    IMHO the Blueberry ranks above Darkness and Heady. Awesome box Libs!!!!
  39. Yeah I was pretty happy to see that bottle, very generous! I love Cascade.
  40. Sweet, sweet box from OsNJ. S beautiful beers that I will certainly enjoy. Thanks for the awesome, generous box!