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Nice pics from a great tasting!

Discussion in 'Benelux' started by Brabander, May 4, 2012.

  1. Schmaltzy

    Schmaltzy Savant (275) California Oct 13, 2009

    That looks amazing...
  2. Ohhhh we more time in life for a few tastings a year!!!!!
    This tasting looks good!!!!!! We need to plan a new tasting in a couple of months!!!!
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  3. Awesome stuff. I just finished multiple trades to land a Coffee, Bramble, and 09-11. We plan on opening them all within the next couple weeks.
  4. You set that one up Andre.

    We might host an end of the year tasting in Utrecht again.
    These kind of things need be planned very carefullly. There needs to be theme's, verticals and horizontals to satisfy our inner uber beergeek...
  5. Enjoyed the pix !! great savouring moments !!!
  6. beerdrifter

    beerdrifter Savant (430) Germany Dec 25, 2004

    Looks like an awesome tasting Thijs!