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North Bay BA's?

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by SanFranJake, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Forgive me if im posting in the wrong area...
    I see a handful of folks seem to be getting together in the East and South Bay...what about North Bay/Marin?
    While only having been on BA a month, I'm interested in some get togethers, trading etc. but short of big events have no time for Oakland or Berkeley events.
    Help a noobie out?
  2. I live in Fairfield. Man, I miss SF.
  3. litheum94

    litheum94 Initiate (0) California Dec 29, 2008

    I live in Santa Rosa. Drop a line if you ever go to Russian River.
  4. Any other North Bay BA's?
  5. avaldivia

    avaldivia Savant (350) California Jan 31, 2011

    I live in Rohnert Park.
  6. I'm in western Sonoma county, so I'm usually down to grab a beer at Russian River with a little heads depending on my schedule.

    If you really want to try some Cantillon just hit me up the next time you come up to Santa Rosa and I'll bring one in to share. I see you're looking to try some. There might still be some at the Trappist left over from last week, but expect to pay to play.
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  7. i'm halfway between russsian river and lagunitas, and haunt both frequently.
  8. mjl21

    mjl21 Advocate (550) California Apr 3, 2008

    I'm in San Rafael and do a lot of work in Sonoma County.
  9. Man, that'd be killer!
  10. Rinkor16

    Rinkor16 Savant (260) California Dec 12, 2011

    I'm in Santa Rosa. Once I move into my new house (about 2 months) I plan on doing a local BA tasting.
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  11. sfbeer1

    sfbeer1 Aficionado (170) California Jul 19, 2012

    I'm in San Rafael and would love to do a tasting at some point, or just grab a beer. I'm also a failed homebrewer, so I'd love to hang/help out if anyone's brewing down the road.

    Thanks to the OP for posting this thread! Hope to make some new friends.
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  12. Nobody invite this guy to any bottle shares. He brings a ton of awesome beer and makes you drink all of it.
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  13. eeeew, who brings awesome beer to bottle shares??

    but really, sfbeer1, if you don't mind the 30min drive north, we brew pretty often and, well, drink beer quite a bit. maybe a little get together after the holidays? hopefully Aaron can vouch for us being decent company!
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  14. I will more than vouch for you guys. Super nice and fun, and more importantly you were able to deal with my drunk self at the Eclipse party.
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  15. ahaha, you're a fabulous drunk! but i did hate you for a minute the next morning when i was shoveling hotel buffet breakfast into my face and you were bouncing through on your way to the gym!!
  16. Don't know if it is possible, but I leave for Connecticut January 11th, maybe one more tasting somewhere. I will be floating around the bay area. If not I already told Steve, Brien, and Kurtis I will try and send the occasional box of Hillfarmstead stuff for people and the beer rev tasting group whenever I can.
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  17. You better let me know when you're brewing, it would be a good excuse for us to trek up so you can meet Zander :)
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  18. definitely Steve! work is insane right now, but after the holidays we'll put something on the books. we can brew a Zander tribute beer, maybe something we can age and enjoy on his first birthday :)
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  19. I grew up in Fairfield. Man am I glad I'm in SF now.

  20. I was raised here in Fairfield. It sucksssss
  21. Ynot2

    Ynot2 Savant (320) California Jul 24, 2009

    C'mon now, no love Fairfield? Where else can you find that wonderful Blue Frog grog?
  22. I'm in San Rafael and interested in some bottle shares or trades or just general beer drinking. Our cellar, albeit small cellar, is overflowing and it's time to start opening some of these bottles so I can fit more in!

    Anyone been to Beltane in Novato yet?

  23. Veggie Nugget, where in SR are ya? I'm up behind the high school, over by Whole Foods.
    My cellar is also in need of purging.
    Me you and SFbeer1 need to get together.
    BM me
  24. Dagsy

    Dagsy Aficionado (210) California Dec 21, 2012

    Whoa didn't realize there were so many BAs in Sonoma County and Marin, I'm in Santa Rosa myself. Count me in for any bottle shares, brewery trips, etc.!
  25. Dagsy

    Dagsy Aficionado (210) California Dec 21, 2012

    BTW for the guy looking to try Cantillon, Whole Foods in Coddingtown Santa Rosa is doing a sour and barrel-aged keg tapping of beers they've been saving for SF Beer Week. Rumors are they will have Cantillon bottles available there, though I'm not sure if they're for purchase or to drink there
  26. I'm in Santa Rosa as well and stopped by Whole Foods on my way home tonight. They have Cantillon bottles for sale but you have to drink it there.
    I'm up for any local bottle shares and can bring Cantillon, Cascade, etc.