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Northdown in Chicago "Lions, Tigers & Beers, Oh My!" - 3 Floyds, Surly, Mikkeller

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by hopdragon, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (715) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    Robbie won something
  2. Here's the rare strong ales I won from the event.

  3. TapeDeck

    TapeDeck Aficionado (240) Illinois Mar 31, 2011

    Nice haul.
    Wife and I were happy to attend just to feed some large cats, but I will say, it was my first time having Surly Five, and it would have been worth it for that alone.
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  4. TapeDeck

    TapeDeck Aficionado (240) Illinois Mar 31, 2011

    I've had both at the brewpub, and would never have been able to walk away with that impression. I thought they had meaningfully different flavors and aromas. So I'm kind of wondering if they've changed with age... or what...

    I think both are excellent, but they're both great as alternatives to standard options that we have all had a few too many times. Nice to have that stuff, but not the end of the world if you miss it.
  5. ravot

    ravot Savant (460) Illinois Mar 20, 2012

    if i would have stayed longer, i would have ordered a second pour. my favorite hands down. ISO

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