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Nugget Nectar in NJ

Discussion in 'US - Mid-Atlantic' started by phooky, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. phooky

    phooky Savant (455) New York Jan 23, 2010

    Anyone spot this yet?

    Specifically, anyone see it in Canals Woodbridge/Iselin?
  2. beernut

    beernut Savant (340) New Jersey Jun 6, 2008

    From what Cranbury Buy-Rite posted on their FB page, they are getting their shipment in today (2/4).
  3. Any updates around central NJ? JC lawrenceville + surrounding areas?
  4. phooky

    phooky Savant (455) New York Jan 23, 2010

    I bought a 6 pack at Canal's Iselin yesterday.

    Also picked up some Sucks, 3Beans, and Insanity.
    They appeared to be well stocked on all.
  5. Any in the cherry hill area yet?
  6. ^Cherry Hill area is pretty much Friday delivery if i'm not mistake, some might be Thursday.. depends store to store
  7. sfr26

    sfr26 Savant (410) New York Jan 15, 2013

    Picked up a 6 pack from JC Lawrenceville today - one of workers told me they got in 150 cases. 6 pack cost $11.59 + tax, a case was something like $41 or $42 + tax. Bottle date 1/22.
  8. Joe Canal's in Lawrenceville has it - $41.99/cs. Supposedly received over 100 cs. (vs 10 for Lagunitas Sucks).

    Edit- Oops - I see "sfr26" posted the same info in the time it took me to go out to the truck and get my receipt.
  9. Awesome, thanks guys.
  10. dbrauneis

    dbrauneis Site Editor (960) North Carolina Dec 8, 2007 Staff Member

    Seen it in Northern NJ at Hoboken Vine.
  11. Joe Canal's West Deptford 80 cases.
  12. What's the bottle date for what's making the rounds in Nj?
  13. phooky

    phooky Savant (455) New York Jan 23, 2010

    Canals Iselin was 1/22
  14. good stuff
  15. I got 1/16/13. What is everyone paying? Mine came to $12.80
    includes tax ? Is that about right for a six pack?
  16. I'd imagine so, that's 11.99/sixer.. i doubt you'll see it under 10.99/sixer
  17. jmos

    jmos Zealot (75) New Jersey Apr 20, 2010

    Picked up a case from Joe Canal's in Bellmawr this morning; $49.99/cs (before tax) 1/16 batch. I saw 14 cases; don't know if they had more. Price seemed a little high, but they didn't care that I took a case, and I didn't want to have to run around buying smaller amounts.
  18. Reck

    Reck Aficionado (130) New Jersey Apr 22, 2008

    Got a 6 pk dated 1/16/13 at Monster Beverage in Glassboro today for $12.98. Hops and grapes twitter account says their price is $13.49/6 pk. I didn't stop in to check the bottle date.
  19. bkov33

    bkov33 Savant (265) New Jersey Dec 5, 2007

    garys wayne had a bunch today, bottled 1/22/13. $12.99 6pack
  20. im driving down to flemington for work tomorrow, 22 to 202 anything on the way? super saver? i havent been to that place in ages
  21. Haven't been in this week, but it can't hurt to stop.
  22. nitlionm

    nitlionm Disciple (70) New Jersey Nov 23, 2010

    Deliveries out today in Marlton/Mt. Laurel area from what I can tell. I feel like I was flat out lied to by a retailer that I will not name. They had singles on the shelf. When I asked if they had six packs the guy hesitated and said they were out and had gotten their delivery early in the week. Why did they get theirs earlier in the week before others? I then went to another retailer a couple blocks away and they had just gotten delivery and sold me a case no problem. Total Wine had not unloaded their delivery but it was there. One six per customer. Wegmans Mt. Laurel is tomorrow.
  23. jiboo22

    jiboo22 Aficionado (210) New Jersey May 24, 2005

    I posted in the other thread where everyone's bitching about the 1/8 bottles........stew Leonard's in Clifton had about 10 cases as of this morning...1/22 bottling....12.99/6
  24. LBIsurf

    LBIsurf Initiate (0) New Jersey Mar 17, 2009

    Buy Rite on Route 72 in Manahawkin has plenty of it!
  25. Demer

    Demer Aficionado (245) New Jersey Dec 13, 2010

    It's everywhere at this point, and a lot of it. No one should have trouble finding it.
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  26. jiboo22

    jiboo22 Aficionado (210) New Jersey May 24, 2005

    Definitely easier to get than last year! Good to see!