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Official Great Taste of the Midwest Thread

Discussion in 'US - Great Lakes' started by Tnudish, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (210) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

    There is normally people selling their tickets for face value at the gates. Show up early.
  2. zieglemt

    zieglemt Aficionado (170) Illinois Apr 25, 2011

    Is thee any one place that has all the pre-parties for tonight listed?
  3. xsists

    xsists Aficionado (210) Wisconsin Dec 31, 2007

  4. Tnudish

    Tnudish Initiate (0) Wisconsin Feb 16, 2012

    Is UW back in session yet? Will coed's be roaming the campus?
  5. immobilisme

    immobilisme Savant (400) Illinois Nov 8, 2005

    Maybe some sexy sorority sweethearts?
  6. Monsone

    Monsone Savant (350) Illinois Jun 5, 2006

    Extras can be purchased off people for face price. Get there early (say before 12) and find someone. Never had an issue with this approach.
  7. Monsone

    Monsone Savant (350) Illinois Jun 5, 2006

    Classes start the Tuesday after Labor Day.
  8. Tnudish

    Tnudish Initiate (0) Wisconsin Feb 16, 2012


    *offer prohibited when yeahnatenelson is double-fisting.
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  10. Tnudish

    Tnudish Initiate (0) Wisconsin Feb 16, 2012

    Fuck that, I'll high five your hair then
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  11. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (725) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    Does anyone know of any good special taps at the pre parties? Goose islands best seems to be regular Bcs, rev brew is bringing institutionalized, but no BA taps for FFF at argus or BA taps for dark horse at alchemy

    (not including founders)
  12. beerbelly

    beerbelly Aficionado (110) Illinois Dec 30, 2005

    That's good to know cause I'll be looking for a ticket too. Cheers :)
  13. immobilisme

    immobilisme Savant (400) Illinois Nov 8, 2005

    I know it's a horrible idea, but is anyone thinking of an after great taste bottle share at one of the nearby hotels (Sheraton or Holiday Inn Express)?
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  14. I've got commitments that will make me leave Madison and miss the Great Taste this weekend, but I had a lunch of Bell's Black Note at Maduro and it was great. BA Amber and Best Brown aren't too bad either. Enjoy the weekend everyone.
  15. Mjmoser

    Mjmoser Savant (410) Illinois May 6, 2012

    Might be interested, but hard to commit not knowing what shape I may be in around 7:00!
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  16. Tnudish

    Tnudish Initiate (0) Wisconsin Feb 16, 2012

    I'm planning on being far too wasted to pop bottles honestly. There is a solid chance I will be causing trouble at a bar somewhere though.
  17. I plan on causing mayhem with this guy.
  18. black note has already kicked at Maduros
  19. Well I guess I am turning around and driving back to MN
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  20. crossovert

    crossovert Champion (790) Illinois Mar 29, 2009

    What place is good right now?
  21. Noooooooooo:D
  22. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (445) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

  23. zieglemt

    zieglemt Aficionado (170) Illinois Apr 25, 2011

    GI is out of everything good, so is bells. FFF hasn't tapped anything special, as far as I know
  24. sarro

    sarro Savant (345) Michigan May 12, 2009

    Anyone still new a ticket?
  25. Bay01

    Bay01 Savant (445) Illinois Nov 19, 2008

  26. Need a ticket at last minute
  27. psychotia

    psychotia Savant (375) Minnesota Jun 27, 2009

    Best of the fest:

    Toppling Goliath morning delight (flipping incredible) and pseudo sue
    Perennial mint chocolate stout and Berliner weisse
    Destihl framboise, Flanders, and apricot sour
    surly cacao bender
    goose island amara

    And I'm sure many more are worthy of the qualifier "best". There is simply too much good beer to have 'em all!
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  28. dlello2

    dlello2 Savant (370) Illinois Nov 11, 2011

    Toppling Goliath was the highlight for me. The zeelander was amazing... morning delight was insane. It was sad that most of their beers tapped out early.

    I loved both berliner weisses I had (Leiny/Perennial), loved the mysterious 200th brew by blind pig. It was my first time having head hunter IPA--thought it lived up to the hype.

    Great people, great beer, amazing venue. Thoroughly satisfied first-time fest-goer here.
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  29. Aside from DESTIHL.. Perennial Blueberry cask, Livery Sours,Goose Amara, Brugge Peony (special secret beer) all stood out.

    Toppling Goliath really had some great hoppy offerings all weekend

    Saw a lot of people. Great to see most. Ran into a drunk and emotional Ramiro/StoutFest who tried to fight with me based on the fact I am friends with MasterSki.. don't know what that was about.. he kept mentioning some thread. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction toactually reading it??

    Either way, another great day.. weather was better than any of the previous fests I've been to
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  30. Margarita Sofie.. also a fun find
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  31. Personal highlights:

    Perennial Peach Berliner Weisse
    Perennial Blueberry Flanders cask
    10th and Blake Bubbleweisse
    Kuhnhenn DRIPA
    GI Margarita Sophie
    GI Amara
  32. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (725) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    My top five beers of the fest, noting that I missed the cognac dl:

    #1: blind pig mysterious 200th brew (the intelligentsia coffee version, not the chili pepper version that was also tapped)
    #2: toppling goliath morning delight (CBS on steroids, one of only 2 beers I went back for seconds of at the whole taste -- the other being dark horse 7 hop version of crooked tree)
    #3: king henry (shocker)
    #4: mango mama ipa
    #5: Tie between both the 7hop and citra hop crooked tree variants

    Also liked manhattan Bcs but it wasn't anything the much more special than regular bcs

    The coolest thing at GTOM was the make your own BCS blend station by the GI special taps.
  33. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (725) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    I have never had as lemony an ipa as zee lander! It was wonderful
  34. jegross2

    jegross2 Advocate (725) Illinois Jan 3, 2010

    Ah crap, I forgot to get the cacao bender! #amazingbeeroverload
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  35. What time did 3F pack up and leave? We did a circuit of the tents and made our way back only to find them completely gone.

    Jolly Pumpkin, bring more beer please (completely out at what, 3?).

    In addition to what everyone else has posted, was really impressed with the Rye Saison from 23rd St. on Firkin in the Real Ale tent. Perfect stuff.
  36. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    I was scratching my head at 2:30, when the only thing they had left was La Roja.
  37. grynder33

    grynder33 Savant (380) Wisconsin Jul 31, 2003

    Toppling Goliath definitely gets the award for the beer most people came up to me and said wow(Mornin Delight),other favorites,Dan Careys BBA Kriek,Bells Black Note,Goose Islands Manhattan BCS,Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue,Surlys SYX, Wisconsin Dells 10th Anniversary barleywine, 3 Floyds Cognac Dark Lord. Special kudos to Goose Island for the incerdible Friday nightthey provided
  38. mtrutlin

    mtrutlin Savant (285) Colorado Apr 4, 2012

    Best of the fest for me was Mornin' Delight. The best non-BA beer I've ever had (by a mile) and quite possibly my new favorite beer overall. So unique, I've never tasted anything like it.

    Worst of the fest, 3 Floyds packing it in before 4:30. You wanna come to a festival, bring enough Damn beer, even if youre just pouring You year round stuff at the end of the day. It's kinda frustrating how much shit they get away with (just being unorganized in general all the time). Didn't really even bother going to their booth until 4:30. Next year won't even waste my time stopping by at all.

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