British Columbia Old Cellar/Barrel Dweller released in BC!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by JonnyBeers, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Just grabbed 2 bottles of each in Vancouver. Love the red-wax top this year!

    Has anyone tried it yet? Planning to put away for awhile? I'll be saving mine for Christmas, but typically find Driftwood's boozier offerings better after a couple months down, anyone else?

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  2. peensteen

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    Big time ISO
  3. Seems that Mill Street Barley wine and Thors Hammer from Central City also dropped as well as Phillips BW.
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  4. Yup. Grabbed the Mill St last week and Thors was also out today so I picked up 2 of them as well... Barley Wine overload!
  5. Do you know just how limited the barreld and regular versions are?
  6. Rutager

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    My bottles went straight to the back of the cellar. Anxious to try the OBD so might crack one in the next few months, but if they're hot like Singularity or previous years of OCD, they could probably go for years and only get better.

    And finally, Thor's! I've been waiting for this to try with the BA version. That's going to be a stumbly night ;)
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  7. [​IMG]
    Props to the forgotten barley wine that was way ahead of its time
  8. My 2010 cellar dweller is drinking great right now but the Phillips 2009 is over the hill .
  9. Rutager

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    Crap, I better drink my 2010 Phillips then! I didn't intentionally age it, just haven't been anxious to throw it in the fridge for some reason. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. wooly bugger soon!
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  11. Last time I spoke with Bill, he still had cases of it at home! It was so much more refined than any of the Barleywines mentioned here.
  12. Yes the "Wooly Bugger" is very good ! o_O
  13. TheSevenDuffs

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    Has the buyer's remorse settled in yet?
  14. Picked up my Thors hammer last night! Mmmmmmm...
  15. Picked up a bottle of the non-BA that I'm going to hold on to for a while. I had the 2011 fresh (not close to has hot as Singularity) and it was absolutely great. I don't know if I'll pick up a bottle of the barrel-aged as my fridge is already pretty stocked with BA stuff. Looking forward to cracking a Thor's hammer some time next year as well -- got one of the hand signed/numbered bottles from a few months back.

    So many barley wines coming out right now! I think I'll try the Phillips one fresh and not even consider picking up the Mill Street one.
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  16. hahaha, no, well sort of..... and I haven't even had it yet! lol. Most expensive by quite a bit out here, I'll admit I pretty much bought it for the bottle, but at $20 a pop (for only 500 ml) I assume it will at least compare to what we get out here, but at the same time I'm prepared for OCD (750ml) and Wooly (500?ml) to squash it (at almost half the price) for either similar or more beer!
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  18. Rutager

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    341ml last year, hopefully the same this year. :)
  19. Anyone had Trainwreck yet this year? A big step up from last year imo, I was actually quite impressed.
  20. Had it last night at Alibi, thought it was pretty smooth and drinkable, buddy of mine said it was too hot.
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  21. Like in the Trainwreck thread, I'm ISO both the OCD and BA OCD. East Coast goodies to trade?
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  22. Tried Cellar Dweller and Barrel Dweller last Friday. Both are way too hot and muddled at this point. I'd put them away until next year at this time.

    Hoyne Gratitude Winter Warmer is drinking much nicer, but has nowhere near the flavour intensity or aging potential of the Dwellers.
  23. I heard through the grapevine that there's still some 2011 floating around a few spec shops... and discounted...
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  24. Not to disagree, but I tried OCD last week and I found that letting my glass warm up and 'breathe' brought out nice complexities and reduced the hotness. Frankly, it was sort of brutal when I first poured it, but by the end was quite enjoyable. Maybe the fusel alcohols oxidize that quickly.
  25. Sure it got better as it warmed, but it is still way too young and green at this point to be enjoyable imho. It's not garbage, but it is nowhere near what I want in a barleywine, maybe in a year or two.