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Great Britain Olympia gbbf 2012

Discussion in 'Europe' started by joe1956, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. What did you think of it this year, did they make the best use of all that space?

    Some bars in the wrong place e g the the american bar.
  2. Com'on folks in attendance, Joe and I want hear the score.
  3. what, my thread wasn't good enough?!
  4. Hey, it was just fine. Was sort of hoping for a final round up actually. Sorry.
  5. Sorry Paxton, it's for the greater good...

    ...the greater good
    (tried to find the hot fuzz pic to go with that)
  6. i was just being facetious! For my my money the best beer was the Cantillon Pure Apricot, closely followed by the Rasputin, though the Lowell Sour Red was also outstanding. There were also a great many other wonderful beers that I 'd had before, but all-in-all, i have to say that it was the best GBBF I've been to (I've only been going since 2005, when it was last at the Olympia). I actually think that the venue is better, but just needs to be tweaked. A lot of people have suggested putting the american bar upstairs where the German bar was and where there was much more space and i have to agree- putting it at a point where obvious bottlenecks would occur was a pretty bad oversight- I have high hopes for next year!
  7. Pretty much echoe Paxton

    I've gone every year since '03 and this was definately the most enjoyable in recent years - missed Olympia classic venue!

    I went on Weds from 4.30pm till close

    They'd just tapped Fullers Brewers Res No.4 when I arrived - that's where my journey started. Armagnac cask. Decent enough but didnt blow me away

    I then spent most of my time at Weylandts (Dutch/Belgian/Italian) as the US bar didn't have much left
    At 4.30pm there were 7 or so casks still on and by half 7 - GONE

    Rasputin as per Herr Partridge was very good as was the Emellise RIS on cask - aged in Ardebeg barrel!
    Missed out on the Cantillon Apricot unfortunately!

    Didn't really have to queue too much at all so the staffing levels were pretty much bang on

    Good fest hope it's at Oly next year
  8. Like the white rabbit, I'm late, I'm late!

    A quick round-up of my time at GBBF:

    I went on Friday with my brother, arriving there at about 1pm. We finally escaped at about 10pm or so....
    This was my first visit - I intended to go last year but circumstances prevented me. All in all, a great day out. I thought the venue was great; fantastic building and the space was about right for the number of people in attendance.

    Many beers were quaffed - I'd have to look through the program to remember them all. I tried the Champion Coniston No. 9 - pretty good but rather 'porty' in character. Amber's Chocolate Orange Stout was another interesting one, and Oakham's Green Devil IPA was on top form. Of the beers I had, the US offerings were probably the best. Enlightenment IPA was superb.

    Missed out on a few things I'd been hoping to try - no Cantillon or Emelisse, and the Rasputin wasn't tapped while we were there. Also loads of British ales that we simply didn't get around to - our approach was fairly scattergun in that we wandered around without an agenda and tried stuff at random. Still, no regrets.

    Picked up some bottles to take away - the US offerings in particular were solid, with breweries I haven't seen on sale over here before. Prices were fairly reasonable as well.

    Not sure if I'd have changed much to be honest. I agree with the comment above that the US and German bars could have been swapped. Would be nice if there were taps where you could rinse your own glass out (and get drinking water).

    The Nobby's nuts at the exit were very welcome :)
  9. Just when you needed them hehe, when you're going going home away from beer.
  10. well, as I only got back yesterday it's all become a little distant. Stand out beers? Greene King 5X was a stunner, they're going to have to make that available regularly. Tuvi Tuvi from a Sardinian Brewery was seriously drinkable, Lowenbrau Kellerbier always excellent, Lowell Sour Red very tasty, Marble Double IPA, the Michael Jackson Award winner, was gorgeous. And that's just a few of the many beers I sampled.
    The venue is far superior to Earls Court bunker, a decision on location for next year will be made in the next few weeks.
  11. Jazzyjeff

    To get a clean glass all you had to do was go down to the glass stand and just swap your glass for a clean one.
  12. Yeah, I was aware of that but I didn't feel that going all the way there each time you wanted a clean glass was realistic. It's a huge venue after all.
    It wasn't something that particularly bothered me, I just think it would be nice to have wash stands dotted around for those who want them....
  13. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Very true that. It's one of the most basic requirements for all the beer festivals I went to. Usually the brewers themselves just wash it for you. Either way it's utter bollocks to only have one wash/swap stand for an entire huge venue.
  14. I had a litre water bottle with me, kept filling it up at one of the permanent food outlets, bloke behind the till had no probs doing this from the sink.
    Used this to rinse the glass, then drank it thus maintaining hydration levels.
    That's why I had 16 different beers and no hangover the next day!
  15. It's usual practice that Bieres Sans Frontieres bars have washing facilities, sadly unable to hook them all up this year due to layout. But all bars will wash your glass, I washed hundreds
  16. ooh, please let us know about a future venue when you're able to!