OMB Fat Boy Baltic Porter

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  1. Anyone have any information on this?

    Also does anyone know anything about the Beer of the Month series that is mentioned on its label?
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    I'll wait for Ryan's response, but I will say that I'm looking forward to this one.
  3. I thought about sending him a beermail but I thought others might want to know the answer too.
  4. Looks like beerpulse let the cat out of the bag! Here's what I can share so far:

    We are indeed brewing a Baltic Porter, in celebration of 1,000 brews and as our first 2013 "beer of the month" in the taproom. The beer is set at 8.5% and secondary fermentation as I write this (and is sampling quite nicely). The beer will be released in a breakfast event on the morning of Saturday, January 12 on draft at the brewery and in a very limited bottle release that morning.

    Mark your calendars!
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  5. Cannot wait for this!
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  7. Can you guys just brew a rauchbier in February for Daniel and get it over with? ;)
  8. Thanks for the info and article.

    Anything else announced about the Beer of the Month series so far?
  9. Well this is brilliant.
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    Oh man. If you guys did a regular rauch, it would be amazing. Back in the day, Baltimore Brewing Company did a Rauchbock and it was phenomenal. Second only to the Aecht Schlenkerla collection IMO. That would be awesome.
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    I've been practically begging them to do a Rauchbier for a couple years now. It sounds like it's more a matter of when than if!
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    Ha! How did I miss this post?

    But of course I agree with you!
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    Really looking forward to this one... OMB makes some terrific beers, and I have been eagerly awaiting some experimentation from them.
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  14. I have some more details for you folks.

    We will be releasing the Fat Boy Baltic Porter on Saturday, Jan. 12 at a breakfast event. From 10 a.m.-noon, we will be serving breakfast (eggs, German potatoes, premium sausage) and selling the entirety of the very limited release bottles - fewer than 225 will be bottled. We encourage our fellow beer lovers to bring bottles for a share, although we must insist that any outside bottles brought in be consumed by 11:45 as we open to the public at noon. We have all been to brewery releases and enjoyed the festive atmosphere of attendees bringing their best and rarest bottles to share with fellow BAs, and we very much wanted to encourage that for our first brewery release.

    Pre-registration will be up the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 12 on our Web site, or BAs can email [email protected] if they want to get in early. Only 100 registrations will be accepted.

    We fully expect these spots to pre-sell out. We are offering two registration options:

    1) For $25, you get:

    Admission (of course)
    A plate of breakfast
    A bomber of the Fat Boy
    A pint of Fat Boy served in a keepsake glass that the taproom has never offered for sale - and never will again
    A raffle ticket for a special OMB gift basket

    2) For $34.99, you get the above plus reserve a second bottle of Fat Boy.

    This is our first brewery release, and we anticipate a great morning with beer lovers from all over the area.
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    Handle Savant (405) North Carolina Mar 16, 2009

    I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this.
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  16. abb610

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    Hey Ryan,
    Just sent you guys an email request, I hope its not to late. Really looking forward to the beers of the month next year. Any chances you guys are gonna do a berliner weisse?
  17. Thanks. Everyone who emails tonight is getting a link to register and buy their bottles tonight, before it goes live tomorrow morning. We've already sold out over 20% of the spots this way just through BA and posting the details in the last couple hours. Pretty incredible, and certainly humbling.

    As for the beers of the month, we'll plan a few at a time, and look at what beers offer recipes we are both excited about and confident about being able to brew in a version that is worthy of the excitement. I wouldn't rule out a Berliner Weisse, but it may be a bit further down the road.

    Thanks again for your interest and support. Looking forward to an epic party and sharing in January.
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  18. Sent an e-mail around 3:30 pm, didn't get a response. Didn't realize the tickets had gone live on the website. Appears to be sold out now. Shit!
  19. No no, we haven't gone live yet. Everyone who emailed will get a link to purchase tomorrow at 9 a.m.; going live at noon for the public. Sorry we had to delay it a few hours to make sure store was up and functioning.
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    Daniel's head would explode with pure joy if this happened:)
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  21. Whoops. Sorry. Tried to order on the company store and it said they weren't available so I kind of freaked out.
  22. Ha, no worries. You'll get an email tomorrow with directions to snag yours, even if I have to hold them for you personally.
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  24. abb610

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    Thanks Ryan and OMB!! Picked up my ticket and very much forward to this!! I hope you guiys will do this for all of the releases. Charlotte need more events like this!!!
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  25. Wish I lived closer to Charlotte. I encourage all within a reasonable driving distance to jump at this!
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    Make the trip down, Win!
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  27. wolfeman007

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    Sold, I'm looking forward to it fellas!
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  28. Win, I'd love to welcome you as my guest. You've done enough for NC beer to warrant more than a few pints, I'd say!
  29. Nice job BAs! The announcement just went out to the public and already 40 of 100 were sold!
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  30. I'm looking forward to this. To be honest I was bummed when I read how limited this would be but it was really easy to sign up so I'm not worried about that anymore.

    Now I just gotta decide what to bring!
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  31. Wish I could make the trip down, but I can't pull it off that day. Cheers, guys!
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    Uwftke26 forgot to mention that any bottles brought to the brewery have to adhere to the Reinheitsgebot.
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  33. Yes...or they'll be confiscated by staff (me) for proper disposal.
  34. Homebrew it is then! I'm going to leave the Cantillon at home.
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    Now let's not overreact, here. Bring it and I'll help you drink it in the parking lot.
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    I am gonna be pissed if you take my Supermarket Aged Bud Light Chelada
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    I am in. Hope CLT does more of these types of releases. I think the ticket/breakfast/bottle share without police will be a home run.

    Hoping Triple C does something similar for their up all night porter (which may be my favorite CLT brewed beer right now).
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  38. Handle

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    Given the name, I think we need to do a midnight release with that one.
  39. NoMoreBeerBelly

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    Midnight? Up all night for me is anything past 10pm!
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