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On tap in the Twin Cities List

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by UMNbeerhunter, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. In the Seen it Locally thread I proposed an open source document that can be updated by anyone to list the special/limited beers that are currently on tap around the Twin Cities. So here it is with some ground rules.

    1) Add basic info, the what, where, and when you first had it.
    2) Anyone can add a beer but once added just leave it. When it kicks add the date it kicked and I'll remove it after a couple weeks.
    2) Add only special/limited release beers, no need to list the dozens of places that are serving the Surly Hell or Saga IPA.
    3) Only add beers that are on tap in TC area.


    I will try to keep the list cleaned up and remove anything that has obviously been there to long. In some cases I will drop the establishment a line to see if said beer is still on tap. I will try to take a look at least once a week. The list will of course be in this thread as well as linked on my profile page.

    Cheers, Joe
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  2. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (595) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    Joe, if you want to avoid mayhem like me from adding meaningless crap, I suggest having a form (possible in google docs) to submit entries that you can approve before publishing online.
  3. just added two i had yesterday to your list
  4. hoeg0015

    hoeg0015 Savant (340) Minnesota Jul 15, 2008

    i added groveland tap to the list of places pouring bb XXIV, though i'm not sure if it's still there. better to list multiple bars for each beer? or separate entries? suppose it would be hard to list kill dates for each different bar, but might be helpful to see all places for a certain beer without having to patrol the whole list.
  5. I need to get to the butcher and the boar for some of that super ipa!
  6. If you know of multiple places list them. If there is multiple entries for the same beer great. The idea is to be able to go down the list, find a beer that you want and then go to the establishment. If 4 places have the same Imperial Stout then you can decided which one will be the best time.
  7. Now thats what I am talking about. On my way to go get some Pond Hopper. Thanks to whoever posted it.
  8. elliott1184

    elliott1184 Savant (470) Minnesota Mar 31, 2011

    Great idea! I wish this list existed a few weeks ago when I missed out on a keg of bcbs at the tap! btw if you want a bottle of pond hopper feel free to check out my wants list and make me an offer
  9. Yulles

    Yulles Savant (315) Minnesota Apr 12, 2009

    Or he could go to they myriad of places that still has it for sale. (Am I really this much of an asshole or should I just not post after having a few any more.)

    But I am a fan of this idea. Was thinking the same thing after Dan's Seen it locally thread. Well done Joe.

    Joe, long time since we have shared a beer together, maybe we should rectify that soon.
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  10. motorhed

    motorhed Savant (310) Minnesota Oct 27, 2008

    There's a social mobile and web app to track local pubs and what beers people are consuming at these places: Untappd. Just thought i would share, i'm assuming most people on this forum use the app. I saw that my local pub tapped a SYX keg last week via the app.
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  11. Penguin3200

    Penguin3200 Savant (330) Minnesota Dec 28, 2008

    Added pig and fiddle
  12. already added two above yours
  13. Penguin3200

    Penguin3200 Savant (330) Minnesota Dec 28, 2008

    You are too quick, gator!
  14. Douggo

    Douggo Savant (295) Minnesota Oct 24, 2009

    I like this idea, so I bumped the doc, and the thread.
  15. Thanks. A friend said that they had Syx on tap last night at the Uptown Bulldog, can anyone confirm?
  16. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (595) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    They do, just called to confirm.
  17. elliott1184

    elliott1184 Savant (470) Minnesota Mar 31, 2011

    How does Stout's have Kate the Great when Portsmouth doesn't distribute here? Someone's idea of a joke?
  18. if they do have it, probably not legal. I am guessing someone drank some beer and thought they were being funny.
  19. elshaggy

    elshaggy Aficionado (205) Minnesota Jul 12, 2009

    The mango mama really only lasts one day? I'm going to be in the area tomorrow and thought it would be choice to stop in for one. Seeing Russian Circles at Triple Rock.
  20. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    SuperIPA is still on-tap at Butcher & the Boar. BOGO on Mondays 3-6, on all taps in the beer garden.
  21. psychotia

    psychotia Savant (385) Minnesota Jun 27, 2009

    That + Surly = Killer show... not helpful to the thread, I know, but I had to do more than just "like" your post!
  22. Yulles

    Yulles Savant (315) Minnesota Apr 12, 2009

    Madame Rose bottles at the muddy pig. Didn't check the list, but if anyone wants to come have a glass I just opened one at the bar.
  23. oh man, wish I knew about that earlier, sounds awesome.
  24. From the look of the list I have a feeling I will be leaving work early on the 12th and going into work a little late on the 13th next month.
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  25. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

    I thought a few people might enjoy that update.
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  26. welp looks like I have to go to bryant lake bowl, though I have no clue what of those beers to get, all so good!
  27. Multiple of all of them. Hopefully they have some flights.
  28. Bond111

    Bond111 Savant (345) Minnesota Feb 14, 2011

    Just ask for a "Suicide" bound to be awesome!!! hahaha j/k

    Would be awesome if they do have some flights.

    From the few pics on their website, it seems like a pretty neat looking place. I've never heard of it until this post.It must be a pretty "hip" place for them to get these really awesome beers, being a bowling alley and all.
    I just might have to drive up from Rochester to check this event out!!
  29. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (825) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    Thanks for the heads-up guys, the 12th is on the calendar. Excellent!
  30. Oh, there will be flights! We are doing Midwest VS. The Rest

    Surly Darkness
    Bells Black Note
    Founders RIS
    Central Water's BBS

    The Rest:
    Odell BBS
    Deschutes Abyss
    Dark Horse Plead the Fifth
    Great Lake Black Out Stout

    Sounds like we'll have a lot of the reps, brewers, etc... in through out the night, so lets all geek out.

    We'll tap them all at 6PM. Bring your beer pants, you're going to need them.
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  31. motorhed

    motorhed Savant (310) Minnesota Oct 27, 2008

    Sweet jesus, i'll definitely be there.
  32. tewaris

    tewaris Advocate (595) Minnesota Jul 14, 2009

    Bells/Founders and Dark Horse in different teams?
  33. I know, but it had to be even teams! So with 15 miles or whatever it is more to the East, Dark Horse is a part of The Rest. I called in a horse whisperer, he assured me they were ok with it.
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  34. maximum12

    maximum12 Champion (825) Minnesota Jan 21, 2008

    Way to pee in the Golden Chalice there, buckaroo! For that crack you should forfeit your Plead the 5th to me.
  35. Shag

    Shag Savant (250) Minnesota Jun 27, 2007

    I'm all over that. This event, and ABR the following Saturday - beer nirvana.
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  36. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (900) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010

    What date and time is this?
  37. dc55110

    dc55110 Advocate (525) Minnesota Oct 24, 2010

  38. Only live 10 blocks away good god that is a great list
  39. KarlHungus

    KarlHungus Champion (820) Minnesota Feb 19, 2005

    Twisted Jim is currently being poured at Town Hall Tap, and it tastes spectacular.
  40. jera1350

    jera1350 Champion (825) Minnesota Dec 15, 2007

    Twisted Jim is on at Town Hall also.