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One Beer to rule them all

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by KingslayerAle, May 10, 2013.

  1. If you had one beer to drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    My vote is either Troegs Perpetual IPA or SNPA.
  2. Founders Imperial Stout or Bell's Two Hearted Ale.
  3. stealth

    stealth Advocate (630) Minnesota Dec 16, 2011

  4. Why limit yourself?

    Fou' foune.
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  5. PtE, Lucky Bastard, or Sucaba are the 3 that popped into my head. Donno if I could only drink BA RIS for the rest of my life as much as I love them.
  6. Prolly Tank 7. Close call with Duvel.
  7. lsummers

    lsummers Advocate (535) California Jun 21, 2010

    Allagash Odyssey for sure.

    If not that then Philadelphia pale ale.
  8. If it's once and for a all, something in a can then. Dale's.
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  9. TheBoog013

    TheBoog013 Savant (360) California Feb 24, 2011

    Came here to say Duvel. It's no longer my favorite but to me it's the epitome of balance and craft in a beer that been doing it a long, long time.
  10. ivorycannon

    ivorycannon Advocate (615) Indiana Feb 21, 2013

  11. Bourbon County Rare :p
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  12. jds8411

    jds8411 Savant (475) California Oct 12, 2008

    I'd probably go with Stone Ruination.
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  13. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Savant (495) Washington Nov 12, 2011

    Rogue Voodoo Bacon Maple. That was an easy one.
  14. i'll drink some lagunitas sucks straight out the keg 24/7 forever no problem yes more please
  15. You said one. PICK IT! DO IT NOW!
  16. ECalebrews449

    ECalebrews449 Savant (390) Nebraska Dec 23, 2012

    Zombiedust or gumballhead.

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  17. AwesomeSquad

    AwesomeSquad Initiate (0) Missouri Sep 30, 2010

    Wehestephaner Heffeweissbier

    Hopefully it would come in a HUGE bottle to last me a while.
  18. The majority of beer drinkers around the world do limit themselves to a single beer-there are Bud drinkers in the US, here there are those over here who drink nothing but Stella. Fosters, John Smith's smooth and Guinness have their followers.
    In my early beer drinking days my scene was dominated by one brewery-Home Ales - which owned practically all the pubs within reach.And I was happy to walk to one every night and sink a few pints without ever getting tired of the beer.Being a cask ale it was subtly different wherever you went , Albert at the Black Horse, Bob at the Anchor, John Hutchinson at the Red Lion were renowned for their beer quality and it was a treat to visit them and experience what different cellaring could bring about.
    Much as I enjoy the present ocean of "craft" beer I find that the more extreme they are the less I could live with them long term.Many beers I can enjoy for a pint but don't want another and look for something different.An item can be a treat on an occasion but tiresome when repeated too often.
    That's why if the worst came to the worst and I had to restrict myself to just one it wouldn't be one which would impress most BAs. It would be a session beer to be certain because a good one tastes better and better the more you drink of it.Picking an individual one would have to be done by tossing a coin, but I could live with the outcome though of course I would miss the present choice.
  19. nbaeteer

    nbaeteer Disciple (70) Pennsylvania Apr 13, 2013

    If I woke up in a world with only one beer in the fridge I'd want it to be Orval.
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  20. Why must we imagine such nightmare scenarios?
  21. I would have to go with Fou Foune such an amazing beer.
  22. arfenhouse

    arfenhouse Savant (285) California Oct 29, 2012

    PtE, not too extreme or boring.

    It's a weird choice since I don't often buy PtE.
  23. breakingbland

    breakingbland Savant (260) Michigan Feb 11, 2013

    Barrel Aged Over Ale from Half Acre in Chicago
  24. edunaye

    edunaye Aficionado (105) Ohio Feb 21, 2013

    Arrogant Bastard. A Man Among boysBoy
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  25. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,035) New York Mar 12, 2009

    I am predictable if nothing else. Gimme a lifetime supply of 3 year old Westvleteren 12 and I will happily drink it and nothing else.
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  26. BradStokley

    BradStokley Savant (405) Maryland Jan 19, 2013

    Definitely infected Nightstalker
  27. Schlitz Ice Light
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  28. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (965) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    Do I have to pay for this beer? Does it have to be a readily available beer I can grab off the shelf whenever I want or is this a hypothetical beer?
  29. Mersh

    Mersh Advocate (630) Connecticut Mar 10, 2013

    I'm sure in due time my answer will change, but as of right now......Jai Alai or Heady Topper. But as far as what I can get on a regular basis, Gandhi Bot for sure.
  30. Good question, Hanzo.

    If I have to pay for this beer myself, it'd be something cheap and sessionable, like Yuengling light lager cans. If it's a hypothetical beer that I can have whenever I want, it'd be Aventinus Eisbock. (Ayinger Celebrator is a VERY close second.)
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  31. justforrazors

    justforrazors Initiate (0) Missouri Feb 16, 2013

    Hill Farmstead Edward or Heady Topper. Probably Edward as it isn't as abrasive, and I could drink it in any weather.
  32. haknort

    haknort Savant (265) Illinois Apr 10, 2013

  33. MatthewPlus

    MatthewPlus Savant (415) Florida Jan 2, 2013

    Jai Alai is pretty much all i drink anyways, so ill just stick with that...
  34. Oskar Blues's Deviant Dale's. But if you asked me yesterday I probably would have said Allagash White. And if you ask me tomorrow I'll probably say something completely different.
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  35. Heady Topper or Founders Breakfast stout...
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