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ordering beer on line from US for delivery to Point Roberts

Discussion in 'Canada' started by 604growler, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Hi Canadian/BC BAs,

    I'm planning to try ordering beer on line from the US for delivery to Point Roberts, where I'll drive and pick up and pay duty if I have to. Any advice on which web site to use, or other strategies?

    Thanks all
  2. Have done this 3 times to Pt Roberts, and I recommend going to Bellingham or Blaine. Reason being, FedEx seems to open packages destined for Pt Roberts, and some of the beer websites mark their boxes 'Containing Alcohol' I've had two boxes sent to Pt R sent back.

    HalftimeBeverage.com uses UPS and they're the only ones I've successfully had shipped to Pt R. Have also ordered from Merwin's and Luekens but had those sent to Bellingham.
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  3. andrenaline

    andrenaline Member

    Ontario (Canada)
    So your experience with Halftime was good? I've been contemplating an order with them for some time. They seem to have a solid selection, how are they for quality? Are the beers reasonably fresh?
  4. I'd stay away from regular IPAs, had a Founders that was quite old. Unless it's a new release or something. Other than that quite good. Customer service response is a little slow, just make sure you know exactly what you're ordering first. Also the free shipping can take a few tries to work with the promo code. They don't have super rare things, but I did order Bourbon County from them once.
  5. andrenaline

    andrenaline Member

    Ontario (Canada)
    Thanks for the insight! Much appreciated!

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