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Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by zipper8650, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. zipper8650

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    PA BA'ers...I am making a UHaul truck road trip from Johnstown PA to Long Island in the next couple of weeks...any suggestions for a good bottle shop along the way would be appreciated!!!! thx!
  2. Whats the route you're taking?
  3. zipper8650

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    I-80 from Altoona on most likely. Detours will be considered or alternate routes for a good brewery/bottle shop stop off
  4. gkatsoris

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    From 80 to where? That'll make the difference. There aren't many spots until you get to the Weehawkin area. And it'll matter if you go straight into NY thru the tunnels, or if you are heading south first (via 287 an/or the GS Parkway).

    If you are looking to stop and get some beer, I suggest head south and stop at Oak Tree before heading over.

    Then head over the Verrazano.
  5. RonfromJersey

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    Liquor Outlet in Boonton, NJ.

    A short detour from 80 to 287N, then easy access in Boonton.
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  6. StormKing47

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    If you go through Harrisburg, PA stop at Al's of Hampden
  7. gkatsoris

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  8. zipper8650

    zipper8650 Savant (275) New York May 10, 2011 Verified

    thanks all!!
  9. zekeman17

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    Shangy's is definitely worth the detour, but be aware that they are a distributor, not a bottle shop.
    Fantastic selection and good prices, but only cases.
  10. CurtFromHershey

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    Also make sure you check dates on everything at Shangys.
  11. zipper8650

    zipper8650 Savant (275) New York May 10, 2011 Verified

    Cases won't work, thanks for the heads up!
  12. jhartley

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  13. jhartley

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    I have never had a problem with Shangy's, but this is very sound advice for any time you go beer buying.
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  14. Abe's is a great stop, but again if buying IPA's check bottle dates, ive gotten some old Firestone Walker Union Jack, which i forgot to check dates on, as well as some old sneaky pete's.
  15. IDontBelieveYou

    IDontBelieveYou Disciple (70) Jan 7, 2013

    How far out onto the island? Not sure of Bottle Shops .... order through distributors or online or trade. But you should most def check out the tap n' barrel ( Safe Travels!
  16. zipper8650

    zipper8650 Savant (275) New York May 10, 2011 Verified

    Babylon, I have been to TnB, good place, thanks! Really just looking for PA bottle shops so I can get some out of state stuff.
  17. ColdOne

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    Hey now... reviving this thread as I'm taking a slightly similar route: 81 south from Binghamton, NY / 380 from Scranton / 80 east into NYC (prefer GW Bridge). Any other suggestions?

    Big question: should I be looking at grocery stores if I just want to find bombers and 6ers?
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  19. NoLeafClover44

    NoLeafClover44 Advocate (570) Delaware Feb 24, 2011 Subscriber

    Very few grocery stores in PA sell beer. Wegmans and Whole Foods are the only two that come to mind (there may also be some Giant Eagle and Trader Joe's that sell in the Western part of the state). Wegmans is a great place to go for good prices on readily available PA distro beers, but won't blow you away with stuff that is harder to come by. Apart from that, distributors are much more common in PA than "bottle shops." Distributors can legally only sell you beer by the case (24-12oz or 12-22oz) and as mentioned earlier Shangy's is the authority in this category. You will probably find that "bottle shop" prices are much higher than you will see in other states but the distribution is very good. Abe's (in Bethlehem) for example, sells every bottle individually at a substantial markup. If you want a six pack of something you will end up paying a serious premium, at 6x the individual bottle price. The selection there is very good, but check the dates. I am from the Lehigh Valley originally so that is really the only area I can speak to.
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  20. If you can swing by the Wilkes Barre area of PA, there are 2 great shops. One is Georgetown Deli:
    Its a good selection, but the staff, mostly made up of college kids, know next to nothing about beer. The only exception is the owner, an early 40's guy that actually knows his shit. But be very picky. Prices on some things are great, and RIDICULOUS on others, ie.- $35 for fresh Bitches Brew. But I consistently find little hidden gems there. Give it a try.

    Then, down the same road a few miles (rt315) is a well hidden secret beer garden called J&H Beer.
    Harry and John are a Father/Son team running the store, and they are a blast to talk to. A little off-kilter, fun and always willing to shoot the bull. They know their stuff, they love the business, and they have a great selection, considering the small size of the store. American craft, belgian imports, Canadian rarities, Australian brews, just great stuff all around. Prices are fair, nothing outlandish, and they usually have a clearance endcap with surprisingly good beers.

    Safe trip to you!
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  21. The Giant near me also sells beer.
  22. NoLeafClover44

    NoLeafClover44 Advocate (570) Delaware Feb 24, 2011 Subscriber

    Which Giant? I am not far from West Chester.
  23. ColdOne

    ColdOne Advocate (670) New York Jan 19, 2013 Verified

    Man, Wilkes-Barre and 78 take me about an hour out of my way. I may end up checking out Wegmans in Scranton if I can't get an early jump. I know, it's not remotely the same experience, but maybe I'll find something tasty I can't get in central NY.
  24. The Chadds Ford Giant at Dilworthtown Crossing. If you're coming from Wilmington basically just head up Wilmington Pike/202 and you'll eventually see it on your right.
  25. ColdOne

    ColdOne Advocate (670) New York Jan 19, 2013 Verified

    J&H looks great.I just may take the detour. Can I get bombers and 6ers?

  26. NoLeafClover44

    NoLeafClover44 Advocate (570) Delaware Feb 24, 2011 Subscriber

    Not trying to thread jack, but are there any good bottle shops in the area that are worth checking out? I frequent the glen mills Whole Foods, but haven't really found nay other bottle shops near the border on the PA side. The prices are better in DE and MD, but there are some beers that I can't get.
  27. Nothing that great near me. There is The Bottle Shoppe in Ardmore which is decent, it's also a couple hundred yards from Tired Hands. Much better selection in Philly but unfortunately it's much more expensive.
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  28. fbc24

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    Sometimes Pinocchios in media, but can be relatively pricey compared to state line
  29. Yeah I almost mentioned that one....they have a decent growler selection.
  30. Bombers and 6ers is all they do. Youll find something you like for sure!
  31. House of 1000 beers (New Kensington)
    Brews brothers (Mt. Lebo)
    Packs and Dogs (Mt. Washington)
    Fat Heads (bottleshop upstairs/Southside)
  32. fiedler84

    fiedler84 Savant (310) Pennsylvania Dec 23, 2011

    2nd'ed for J&H. Harry and Jon are good people.
  33. EvilAsh

    EvilAsh Savant (380) Pennsylvania Nov 5, 2012 Verified Subscriber

    Agreed, J&H is great
  34. He'd have to go about 3 hours out of his way to hit any of these places. OP said he's going from Johnstown to Long Island.