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Palate Wrecker 2013

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by proseberry, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. heesu

    heesu Aficionado (185) Michigan Jul 2, 2012

    They had it in 4 packs & bombers at the brewery, but aside from that I haven't seen it in SD either.
  2. SanFranJake

    SanFranJake Poobah (1,005) California Nov 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    Both readily available in the Bay Area.
  3. agileh

    agileh Zealot (95) Ohio Jan 24, 2010

    I had Palette Wrecker and didn't think it wrecked my palette, then I had another beer and it tasted like water. Job well done.
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  4. Hatzilla

    Hatzilla Savant (360) California Jul 25, 2008 Verified

  5. SanFranJake

    SanFranJake Poobah (1,005) California Nov 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    Whole Foods, BevMo, local wine/beer shops. Maybe this is just SF and Marin County but I've been able to grab very easily.
  6. Hatzilla

    Hatzilla Savant (360) California Jul 25, 2008 Verified

    Thanks. I will check Whole Foods again this weekend..they have good stuff but this one's been escaping me!
  7. Willbfun

    Willbfun Aficionado (175) New York Sep 28, 2012

    This place I go in Jersey just put this up on facebook as the craft beer of the week and says 22 days old. I'm more of a belgian quad & imperial stout guy.
  8. fedssnf

    fedssnf Aspirant (40) California Oct 30, 2012

    I picked up some at the total wine in Rancho, bottled 1/30/13 nice! loved it last year, hope its the same.
  9. DiscLizard

    DiscLizard Savant (320) North Carolina Feb 10, 2013 Beer Trader

    Loved this on draft, will taste a bottle for the first time tonight.
  10. rdilauro

    rdilauro Savant (385) Connecticut Mar 8, 2010

    I couldnt wait till it was available this year. I had only 2 bottles from 2012. Love the reddish amber pour and that even while the IBU's are really high, its still very drinkable.
  11. I talked to the owners of three of my regular haunts, and all claimed they weren't able to get any (maybe all using the same distributor). So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across loose bottles in a store I just happened to wander into on a whim. I checked to make sure they weren't outdated '12s and sure enuf, fresh as could be. So I buy four of the six they had on the shelf (not wanting to be greedy) and stuck two in my fridge. We had friends over a couple nights later and one of the guys was drinking beer. I showed him where my fridge was and the only thing I asked him to stay away from was the PWs (which only left him about 20-30 other options, including some really solid IPAs). I explained it was a personal favorite and I only got ahold of a couple and that it was a pretty intense beer that a lot of folks don't care for anyhow. So sure enough, the next time he comes upstairs, he's carrying a PW, which he proceeds to start drinking from the bottle. Finishes about 1/3 of it and puts it aside and goes to get something else. I asked if he was planning to finish it, you know, seeing as I'd specifically asked him to leave them and all, and all he says is, "Yeah, you were right. That stuff's way too powerful for me." No apology. Nothing. Bastard is officially persona non gratis from that night on.
  12. GF has dates now!?!?! Sonofabitch! I a was feening for PW yesterday and hit a spot that would usually carry the new stuff. They had a bomber, but I just checked the empty bottle and no date! Old malt is horrible. I used to think it was a herbal/vegetable hop profile, but it is just old beer. On the hunt for fresh now.
  13. huskermike12

    huskermike12 Savant (495) Vermont Nov 14, 2011

    I try to never admit it tastes different because I make fun of people that make a big deal out of it usually, but I much preferred both the draft and subsequent growler to bottles.
  14. Mr_Brodie

    Mr_Brodie Aficionado (135) New York Dec 13, 2012 Beer Trader

    I still have not found this in NYC. Am I a being a fool waiting for it to show up on the shelves. I want to try it fresh. Please let me know if it is time to trade.
  15. Lipsntoes

    Lipsntoes Savant (400) Ohio Jul 15, 2012

    Have not found any bottles in Ohio just yet, only on tap. Not such a bad thing.
  16. Shagator

    Shagator Savant (420) Kentucky Mar 17, 2012

    Have it in Central KY. Have had a few bombers. Very good beer
  17. Coirm

    Coirm Aficionado (225) Illinois Dec 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Had my first Heady last nite, first thing i said after "Wow this is [email protected] awesome" is that it reminded me of PW....
  18. nuckbuc

    nuckbuc Savant (275) New York Dec 28, 2010

    Nothin in upstate NY yet. I've been impatiently waiting
  19. IainOg

    IainOg Disciple (65) Virginia Aug 11, 2009

    Picked up a foursie tonight. Looking fwd to giving this year's a taste in good company.
  20. EnronCFO

    EnronCFO Advocate (685) Massachusetts Mar 29, 2007 Beer Trader

    Glad I'm not the only one. Others mocked me!
  21. I don't think it's that much of a stretch. They're both DIPAs with high IBUs. And both pretty damn delicious !
  22. Im usually not "that guy" but it is not as good as last year. I have never had a beer smell so strong of cat piss, what hop varieties did they use? Last year was a pine and citrus bomb.
    Cant find a bottle date either.
  23. BrettHead

    BrettHead Advocate (660) Nebraska Sep 18, 2010

    Tastes exactly the same to me; the date is in yellow ink below the front label. Hops include Centennial and Columbus, not sure if there is anything else.
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  24. Coirm

    Coirm Aficionado (225) Illinois Dec 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    I have 2 more Heady's and am trying to track down a PW to do a side by side. So exciting!
  25. phooky

    phooky Savant (465) New York Jan 23, 2010

    all mine had very clear bottle dates under the label.. you sure you didnt pick up an old 2012 bottle by mistake?
  26. They are marked with dates in bright yellow ink under the label. Problem is, two of my foursie rubbed off. Just finished my 1/31/13. Had BP Dorado (bottled 1/31/13) last night to compare, and PW blew it away. Going to try it with KD Simtra (botteld 1/31/13) tonight, but I think PW will remain on top (well, Sucks on top...)
  27. Not really. Heady hits you with waves of delicious hop flavor, while PW is probably the most imbalanced and unpleasant beer I've ever drank.
  28. Seriously, I bet the bottle date rubbed off completely. And I know its fresh because KY didnt get green flash last year. I picked up a bottle in saint louis last summer.
  29. nuckbuc

    nuckbuc Savant (275) New York Dec 28, 2010

    FYI this has hit upstate NY as of Wednesday