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Palate Wrecker or BA Bigfoot in Spokane?

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by whiskey, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    Anyone see either of these around town? I've been unsuccessful so far...my hopes aren't high for the BA Bigfoot but I figured we get some Palate Wrecker.
  2. Flying Goat got a keg of Palate Wrecker right when it came out, but I havent seen it in bottles. I have been looking too. No sign of BA Bigfoot either, but I will call around and let you know if I hear anything.
  3. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    Thanks man, yeah I remember hearing about the Goat having it but I was on graveyards and couldn't get over there.
  4. Was just at total wine today. Didn't see BA Bigfoot but they did have regular Bigfoot 4 packs for $8.
  5. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    I heard they got it in and it sold out in a day.
  6. leedorham

    leedorham Champion (845) Washington Apr 27, 2006

    Fuckin total wine customer service is worthless. I called, asked for the beer dept, and asked if they were getting it. They said they had (regular) Bigfoot. I say no the Barrel Aged one....clickity clickity clickity clack... "I don't see that as something we're going to get."

    Then I find out a couple weeks later they got some and sold out. What's the deal? How do you get the scoop on any release at that place?
  7. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    I know. They have one dude there that knows beer, but he obviously can't be there all the time. Everyone else is totally clueless. When Abyss was out I called and asked if they had any and they insisted that had it in 6 packs, and when I tried to gently mention that Abyss does not come in 6 packs, they got all idignant.
  8. Huckleberries had BA Bigfoot yesterday. I bought a few bottles, but havent opened any yet.
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  9. I picked up a bottle of BA Bigfoot today at total wine. They said they got 2 cases in and were only selling one bottle per customer. I managed to get mine before lunchtime so I can't guarantee there being any left. They are going for 12.99 a piece.
  10. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    I guess Green Flash was at Total Wine yesterday. Anyone go? I was hoping to maybe get a swig of Palate Wrecker but I couldn't make it.
  11. harrymel

    harrymel Initiate (0) Washington Dec 15, 2010

    Huck's just got in a case of Palate Wrecker yesterday. Wasn't on the shelf as of 4pm. Just ask LouAnne or Drew.

    They also just got in a bunch of newer New Belgium beers.

    And Sucaba 2013, they had a couple bottles set aside for me that I turned down, dunno if they're gonna make the shelf....
  12. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    So far! Screw it, I'm goin right now. Thanks harrymel!
  13. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    Picked up 4 12 oz bottles. Of course they'll probably get it down the street from me tomorrow.
  14. rocket market has some ba bigfoot or at least they posed on fb that they did
  15. I'm at sarancac public house right now and I'm drink pallet wrecker in tap. So damn good.
  16. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    "I'm drink pallet wrecker in tap"????

    Sounds like you drinkem many pallet wrecker in tap young injun.
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  17. Haha, stupid iPhone. but i meant to spell it "pallet". Its a beer made out of pallets by rogue. They thow them in the secondary with the fork lift. Very metallic and woody.
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  18. whiskey

    whiskey Savant (415) California Feb 25, 2012

    Lol. That totally sounded like a drunken post.
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