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Parabola release date announced

Discussion in 'Beer Releases' started by jvillefan, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Rainier

    Rainier Savant (280) California Dec 20, 2012

    you know how much was 13?
  2. drgonzo2k2

    drgonzo2k2 Savant (480) California Aug 24, 2012

    Not sure if you mean the Parabola 13, which was $16.99/bottle or the XII Anniversary from the tap room?

    The bottles at the tap room are way overpriced in my opinion, and they are for on-site consumption only.

    Pretty sure they were priced like:

    XIII: $100
    XIV: $75
    XV: $50
  3. Rainier

    Rainier Savant (280) California Dec 20, 2012

    lol yeah, meant XIII. Holy crap that's expensive.
    I bought the gift pack+ 2 parabolas.
    Gonna compare a '12 and '13 after finals woot.
  4. What does the gift pack contain?
  5. drgonzo2k2

    drgonzo2k2 Savant (480) California Aug 24, 2012

    The gift pack, or "Vintage Set" as they were advertising contained:

    1 - 2012 Parabola
    1 - 2013 Parabola
    2 - FW Proprieter's Reserve Series Rastal Tulip glasses

    They were available for the release party, but I have no idea if they're still available now.
  6. Rainier

    Rainier Savant (280) California Dec 20, 2012

    I wonder how much worth is the 2012 parabola now...
  7. DanH83

    DanH83 Aficionado (220) New York Feb 14, 2013

    New York soon....come on, lets go...
  8. Hoozierdaddy

    Hoozierdaddy Savant (250) Illinois Apr 24, 2009

    That is hawt.

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  9. mnphish

    mnphish Savant (375) Minnesota Aug 19, 2012

    I know this has probably been mentioned but any idea when this will land in Chicago? Hoping to have my brother snag me one.
  10. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Champion (860) California Jan 31, 2005

    GUATE?!? Que pasa vos?
  11. DanH83

    DanH83 Aficionado (220) New York Feb 14, 2013

    I'm gonna go with 16.99. ;)
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  12. $35 at my local shop. If you're trading though, probably $17 worth of limited widely distributed beer
  13. JOrtt

    JOrtt Savant (380) California Dec 20, 2012

    Damn..I should have drove up. It was a two bottle limit in Buellton!
  14. Chris_H_2

    Chris_H_2 Savant (250) Illinois Jan 3, 2013

    The beer buyer at Binny's south loop said tody that it should come in next Tuesday or Wednesday. They're not taking names -- first come, first served. I would start calling on Tuesday.
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  15. rboinski

    rboinski Savant (315) California Mar 19, 2012

    Anyone seen this in Northern California yet or know an ETA?
  16. Called a few places near me. Got a range of answers from this Thursday to the first weekend in May. My guess is this weekend we should start seeing it. Early next week at the latest
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  17. rboinski

    rboinski Savant (315) California Mar 19, 2012

    Thanks for the update, I'll be looking for it when I go out
  18. craftpunk

    craftpunk Disciple (55) Illinois Feb 6, 2013

    any sightings in Chicago yet?
  19. Wish we could get this in Columbus or Pittsburgh...
  20. I went to the Schaumburg Ballpark Brew Fest last night, and Firestone Walker was there. I mentioned to the guy working the taps that I was looking forward to Parabola's release, and he said it will hit Chicago tomorrow. Based on that, I figure all stores will be getting it this week.
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  21. Cubatobaco

    Cubatobaco Advocate (660) Virginia Jan 27, 2013

    Hope to see it in VA this week! A place that usually carries it is supposed to call me when it comes in. Fingers crossed...
  22. stevegoz

    stevegoz Savant (335) Illinois May 5, 2008

    F-W releases tend to vary widely by distributor 'round these parts.
  23. Good to know...so perhaps not this week for some? Dunno why it would take that long to show up in the stores, but then again I'm not that familiar with the business of beer distribution.
  24. stevegoz

    stevegoz Savant (335) Illinois May 5, 2008

    Most eagerly awaited beers take more than a week to roll out, though the usual chasm is between city and points further north, south and west. F-W (and Central Waters as well) always seems to take a full two weeks.
  25. Ok, thanks for clarifying. The last thing I want to do is lead people on with bad information. I just felt what the Firestone Walker rep said yesterday was noteworthy.
  26. stevegoz

    stevegoz Savant (335) Illinois May 5, 2008

    I think most folk appreciate the head's up. Except perhaps for the liquor store and bottle shop employees who will be swamped with calls. ;)
  27. carps4

    carps4 Aficionado (115) New York Feb 27, 2012

    Anyone know when this will hit NYC?
  28. coffeeguy

    coffeeguy Disciple (70) Illinois Feb 13, 2013

    I've heard from a few liquour stores clerks around that a lot of the deliveries for stores around here (Chicagoland area) got pushed back due to all of the flooding we've had in the last week. My local Binny's just got Stone RIS yeasterday, and that was released almost a week ago.
  29. pcstuck

    pcstuck Aficionado (155) Illinois Jan 5, 2013

    Pretty sure Sucaba showed up in Chicagoland a good week or two after the release date, or at least it took me that long to find one. Not sure if Parabola will be the same.
  30. craftpunk

    craftpunk Disciple (55) Illinois Feb 6, 2013

    thank you for the information. it's totally noteworthy. let the Parabola hunt begin!
  31. Anyone from the Seattle area found bottles in stores yet?
  32. I was told by my local shop they usually get FW beers two weeks from the release date. Got me 5 bottles of sucaba and hoping to get that many parabolas.
  33. riemster

    riemster Advocate (685) Ohio Mar 17, 2011

    Can some one quote my post if they see it in Philly? Thanks!!!
  34. Uncleserg

    Uncleserg Savant (260) California Sep 19, 2009

    The USS Chuchitos will be at the cluster fork May 5th. See you there 2beerdogs......I'll bring the Famosa!
  35. JGam115

    JGam115 Savant (455) New York Apr 8, 2013

    I'm sure it'll follow the same schedule as Sucaba - about 2 weeks later than the brewery release. Can it potentially be this week? For sure, but I doubt it. And nearly every location will have a 1 bottle limit. On the plus side, it's not super-rare so multiple cases usually roll in over the course of 1/1.5 months.
  36. JGam115

    JGam115 Savant (455) New York Apr 8, 2013

    Back in Jan when I got to tour the Paso brewery (freaking fantastic) they had a gift-pack of the XIV, XV, and XVI for $100ish, maybe $125 in the Visitor's Center.
  37. Can confirm that I haven't seen it yet in the Bay Area (Northern Cali). Been keeping tabs on the likely carriers and nothing yet.
  38. your avatar is awesome
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  39. Beer Rev was asked by Firestone to not release to shelves till May 15th. So, likely the same case in other shops?
  40. Why so long? A month later is a long time