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  1. Just yesterday I brewed a 5 gallon batch for the first time in a long time. Extract pale ale. Simple recipe. Everything seemed to have went off without a hitch but I noticed today, just one day after getting the beer in the carboy, that there is a formidable amount of carbonation. At least, more than I've ever noticed before in past batches. Could this be the result of infection? Or am I just being paranoid? Any insight or advice would be much appreciated.
  2. VikeMan

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    Yes, you are being a little paranoid. My advice would be to stop peeking, wait two weeks, then check your gravity.
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    If you got some sort of infection that could produce copious amounts of carbonation in less than 24 hours, you need to don a hazmat suit and call the CDC. :)

    Seriously, as VikeMan said, you're fine. Different yeast, different conditions, you may just be seeing strong fermentation activity. Or temperature changes. Or poltergeists. But it is likely not an infection.
  4. Yeah, just paranoia. I won't even open the bucket for at least 3 weeks. Infections generally takes weeks to show up.