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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Erzengel, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Erzengel

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    I've been to Brussels a few times but never by (own) car. As my girlfriend wants do go shopping, while I'll do beer stuff - can anyone recommend me a car park near Rue Neuve, or should I just go there and see where I'll get a space...
    I saw on the internet that they cost ±2,50/hour (the Q-Park ones I found), are there some that are more expensive where I have to be careful, or do they all have the same price level??

    Thanks for any info :) - and as I come from NRW, I know how to drive in big cities... ;)
  2. Mar02x

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    Close to Mother Lambic is a big parking garage. It is just around the corner. And all parking garages are gonna cost you a pretty penny in Brussels.
  3. Although a little further walk from Moeder Lambic, still only 5 minutes and a stones throw away from a fantastic outside seafood restaurant in the ST. Catherine's area, I usually park here:
    Interparking sa-nvmore info
    Bisschopsstraat 1
    1000 Brussels, Belgium
    The seafood place by the way is called La Mer du Nord
  4. Erzengel

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    Thanks for all the infos - we had a great day in Brussels and the city was not as crowded as I thought.