(PDX) Russian River Pliny the Younger dates???

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by ajramirez1, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I have friends and family traveling up to Portland,OR wanting to get their hands on some PtY. i would like to give them dates for them so they can plan according. Anybody know any owners, employees, spys, etc in Portland, OR that can help me out? Much appreciated! Can't wait, had 2012 version and it was amazing...can't wait for feb 2013...thanks &
  2. crusian

    crusian Advocate (640) Oregon May 14, 2010

    Boo Feb. Yay... Jan 16-21? (I'll be in town then)
  3. mjl21

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    My spies say you are SOL.
  4. crusian

    crusian Advocate (640) Oregon May 14, 2010

    Yeah... Feb. 9 I heard.
  5. John_M

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    Given that the beer will be released at the brewpub on 2/1, expect the beer to be available in PDX roughly a week later (so yeah, 2/9 sounds like a reasonable date). Unfortunately, it's anyone's guess who will have it on tap this year (it varies from year to year), but based on past experience, I would expect County Cork and Horse Brass to almost certainly have it, and then probably places like Apex, Bailey's, Higgins, Belmont Stations, Henry's, etc. Also, for whatever reason, not every place will have the beer on tap at the same time. Some bars save it for a special event, while others put it on tap as soon as it comes in the door (like at Higgins a couple years ago). So no promises and no guarantees, though 2/9 sounds like a likely date for the beer to start showing up around town.

    Good luck!
  6. NWer

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    In addition, many places don't advertise that they have it. They just let the word get out among the regulars. It will probably require some effort to sniff it out.
  7. Yeah I got to 4 places last year and tried it multiple times each. Trying to get specifics if possible...yeah only 2 weeks in beervana it will be so imma be out and about taking half days at work
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    PtY ... Can't wait floosy!