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Perlick 525 faucet leaking

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by fatsquirrel, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. My 525's leaking. I've had it for about a year, and have cleaned it regularly, disassembling, soaking, and brushing in between kegs.

    I'm getting a leak from the top of the bonnet after each pour. I can usually get it to stop by wiggling the tap handle, but it's still annoying.

    Also had a leak at the rear of the faucet at the connection to the shank that I fixed by tightening the coupling nut up.

    I've read of similar experiences that others have had, but this is frustrating -- great faucet otherwise, but why these problems?

    I called Perlick to ask for replacement washers, and was told by a technician that this faucet should not be disassembled during cleaning, but rather, soaked assembled.

    Anyone with similar experiences? Seems like this faucet has a few design issues, or that it's just plain finicky.
  2. cracker

    cracker Savant (405) Pennsylvania May 2, 2004

    Mine does the same thing and I just coughed it up to a bad o-ring(s). Even by swapping them out, I still occasionally have the same problem. I don't like the 525 that much and am glad I have two 425s which I much prefer. Regarding keeping it assembled while cleaning, I think that's ridiculous. The only way to thoroughly clean it is by disassembling it IMO.
  3. rrryanc

    rrryanc Savant (480) California May 19, 2006 Beer Trader

    Lost 1/5th of a keg to one of the 525s, it's that damn foam feature. Too easy to leave it pushed too far when a bit inebriated (especially when it's a guest that isn't used to the "feature"). I still swear by Perlicks, but won't get the 525s again.