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    The WIDELY-read NFL reporter Peter King has a weekly spot in his column he calls "Beernerdness," which many of you may have already read. He's usually pretty tame in his drinking but this week:

    He mentions Ayinger Weisse, Heady Topper (!) and Fluffy White Rabbits. That's a pretty big shout-out, particularly for the Alchemist and Pretty Things (although he doesn't mention that brewery by name); this isn't a beer blogger, he's probably the most widely read football columnist in the world. FWIW.

    Just another sign of the rising popularity of craft beer. Last week the school where I teach had multiple cases of Lagunitas IPA stacked up in the office for their upcoming party, and I overheard 2 sorority-types talking about Anchor Summer Ale on the bus as well.
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    Seems like he's also (inadvertently?) publicizing the fact that a bar in Boston is "self-importing" Heady Topper. (Is that legal in MA?)

    " [Heady Topper] is served in a 16-ounce silver can that an ____ ___employee fetches each month in Vermont. He brings back around 15 cases in his Dodge Durango."
  3. emannths

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    Nope. Here's the relevant law:
  4. jesskidden

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    So, maybe local BA's should head down there quick (if it's not too late already) for a "clearance sale".

    Dress code hint- before leaving the house, check with your significant other:

    "Honey, does this outfit make me look like an undercover ABC agent?"
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  5. emannths

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    As of today, they're still happily selling it.
  6. leedorham

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    Interesting. I'm guessing the press, cash, and delicious beer is worth the risk of getting caught. Anyone have any idea what the penalty would be?
  7. emannths

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    The local licensing authority or state commission can levy any of a host of penalties:
    Oh, and they're liable for double the excise tax. ;)
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    That's saying they "may" do a lot of things. The precedent is what's important to know here.
  9. emannths

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    Here's an example where a bar was selling booze purchased at a duty-free shop. The penalty was a 20 day license suspension, held in abeyance for 2 years provided no further violations are found.
  10. You guys are missing the point. I love that Peter King mentions his interest in craft brew in his columns. As they are incredibly widely read amongst even the most casual of football fans. Although I'm not crazy about his beer preferences (he seems infatuated with witbiers with a orange slice) he brings advocacy to craft beer and thats something we should all appreciate.
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  11. drgarage

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    This is e first time he has ever mentioned rare and good beer. Usually he raves about Peroni. Or he mentions that he managed to find a bar that serves Allagash White, as if that's a revelation.
  12. That's not really fair at all. He's the voice of the totally average person who is slowly getting into craft beer. Every week he does a "beernerdness" section at the end of his column that talks about the various local crafts he tried during his travels. No, he's not guzzling down barrel aged small batch limited releases, but he's mentioned plenty of tasty beers. He probably does more for craft by getting the word out to a huge audience of traditional BMC drinkers than we can calculate.

    And what is wrong with Allagash White? It's easily one of the best beers made in the world. Any bar that serves it on tap is a-ok in my book.
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  13. drgarage

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    I'm not dissing Allagash White. I love Allagash White. I'm knocking anyone who writes in more than one column that he's found yet another place where it's on tap. Not to mention, he seems to put it on a level with Shocktop.
  14. I have never seen him mention it on the same level as Shock Top. He has referenced the style, but not the quality. I have seen him mention that he has a hard time not ordering the Allagash when he sees it on draught. He also tweets all the time about ordering Dogfish on the Amtrak trains he takes. Don't you have a favorite beer that you have a hard time not ordering when you see it on draught? How dare he order the same beer over again!
  15. jl28r1

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    If there was a bar near me that was selling Heady Topper, I would not be posting about the legal issues, I would be standing in front of the bartender with my credit card in hand and a huge friggin smile on my face!
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    I should've reached out to Peter King when he was in Indy for the Super Bowl. He said Sun King's Cream Ale was the nectar of the gods. My cellar would have blown his mind!