Petition to remove the 12% ABV cap on beer in WV.

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  1. Done! I'll try to spread the word down my way.
  2. i signed it. as well as the one in OH. easier for me to get BCBS if sign the OH one. PLus it benefits my OH beer guys that freak out over BCBS because they see it at festivals.
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    Done, and forwarded to my homebrewing club and my tasting group. Just trying to be helpful although I sincerely don't think we will see many offerings above 12% no matter what the cap is, and I'm still basking in the 'new' availability of good beer in general in this state. Do these things ever work?
  4. You're right that this won't bring many new beers, but it's a baby step for changing beer laws in WV. I'm actually getting together with some people in Huntington to propose changes to the cost of licensing for breweries and importers and hopefully present it to local representatives. The fees are far too restrictive ($5,000 bond, $1,500 annual license fee and $5.50 per 31 gallons of beer) and are turning away breweries. That still doesn't solve the issue with the distributors here. I've actually been communicating recently with Shelton Brothers about coming to WV and they expressed to me that they haven't heard from a distributor from WV since 2008.

    Thanks for signing the petition by the way!
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    Now THIS is something that we should get behind! Licensing fees have been prohibitive for breweries even after the 6% cap was lifted, and I strongly suspect that it has influenced the decisions of these breweries to ignore WV with their entire lineups. The changes that would occur from new legislation on this front would probably make more of a difference in our day to day selection more than upping the top end of the ABV limit would. If a brewery like Founders could bring in the majority of their line at a manageable licensing cost, they would be pretty likely to try it even if they couldn't bring the 12+% stuff.
    I strongly support this line of thinking. You'll keep us posted?
  6. The ABV cap is just kind of my pet project outside of the licensing and fee issues. The are several ideas that are floating around at the moment. If we can't get the licensing fee changed, there is talk of starting an organization to pay the licensing fee for breweries for their first year in the state if they commit for at least two years. Ideally, I would like licensing that differentiates between craft and macro. The one problem that WV has, or will have, is the terrible market outside of the population centers. Anything outside of Huntington, Charleston, and Morgantown is a hard sell to smaller breweries and importers. Nonetheless, I will certainly keep you guys posted!
  7. Sending some NC love to my friends in WV by signing this. Hopefully a special interest group with some power can come in and help you guys out if you get some attention from this.
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  9. I have a minor update for everybody. I got together tonight with a few people who are actively involved in the community here in Huntington and it looks like our first plan of action is to have a beer festival this summer. We plan on having the usual brewery tastings, but we are also intending on having a homebrew competition and educational clinics. In addition to this, we plan on inviting reps from breweries who aren't currently in this state to essentially "wine and dine" them and attempt to convince them to come him. We want to show other breweries that there is a market here. I think this a great start to educate the public and spark interest. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to try and convince breweries to come here while we work on the beer regulations in the state. I don't think we will be able to change anything until we grow support and politicians feel pressure from the public.

    In other news, I have been actively contacting various importers from across the country. Like I previously mentioned, I have been in contact with Shelton Brothers, but I have also heard from Artisanal Imports and Vanberg & DeWulf and they both stated that they are extremely interested in expanding to WV. I gave both importers recommendations on distributors and it appears that they will be in contact with them in the immediate future. I know for a fact that Shelton will be in contact with somebody this week. If we can manage to get these importers, it would instantly change the face of beer in this state.

    Lastly, and on a personal note, I'm seriously looking into starting a craft beer bar in Huntington. I'm looking at having at least 20 rotating taps along with as many bottles as I can keep in stock. Huntington desperately needs a craft beer destination that serves beer in proper glassware and at correct temperatures. I've always dreamed about doing this and I am now seriously considering it. I'm currently looking some locations in and around downtown.

    I should have more updates over the next few weeks and I will keep you guys updated.
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  10. That would be great! It would definitely be my pre game spot before every Marshall game. Keep us updated for sure.
  11. Sounds like a waste of time. How many beers over 12% do you really miss? How many are actually going to be brewed in WV if it goes above 12%?

    Expanding the cap doesn't sound very local friendly. The big beers will be brought in. Your locals dont have the tank space for 12%+ beers.

    Hell, at times, I would love NC to go back to a 6% cap so now w/ all these breweries, they would focus on things like milds, bitters, table beer(saison), berliners, session pales, etc.
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    You must not be familiar with WV. There are next to no breweries in this state, period. There is only one that even packages in bottles to my knowledge. There are absolutely none that would be trying to compete with widely distributed commercial beers.

    Personally I don't very often drink beers in that range, not because they aren't here, just because Extremetiy is not my bag. I think the idea of raising the 12% cap is to a) loosen the general fabric of beer law in the state and start talking about what exactly all these regulations are really for, and b) to take away one of the last hurdles that discourages breweries such as Founders or DFH from entering the state. Some probably feel that if they don't have the option of bringing their whole line then it's not worth the effort at all.
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    I can kind of see where OldStyleCubFan is coming from, I mean only 3 of the top 100 beers of fame are over 12% ABV, so really what are they missing? That said, I think caps are stupid to start with, what does it matter how much alcohol is in beer as long as it is labeled? You still have to be 21 to buy alcohol so what difference does it make if I want to buy Sink the Bismark or a bottle of Vodka? So as a matter of principal I'd sign it, well I would if I though internet petitions ever worked.
  14. If we weren't talking about WV, I would certainly agree. I would much rather drink a 6% beer than a 15%, but this petition is the beginning of tearing down the crippling regulations on beer in this state. jmw pretty much nailed it. The regulations and fees are killing the beer industry in WV and removing this cap is the easiest start. I couldn't tell you how many breweries I've talked to that don't want to come here because the fees and taxes are too high. There's not a day that goes by that I don't contact somebody in the beer industry about doing business here and their response to possibly coming here usually a resounding no. It's because of this that I want to do something about this and I'm not alone. I'm working with others to change the fees and taxes and I'm personally working on the cap. We have to go at this in all directions. We are currently working on starting an organization to put some pressure on local representatives.

    I have been actually looking at locations near the stadium and I really hope to have it up and running by August.
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    Some day I will meet you and shake your hand. I think every BA in WV should.
    Let us know what we can do to help. If there's ever a time that we need to fill a council chamber to make an impression of unification, send out the word because I know there are a lot of folks that are not on BA (incl several different homebrew clubs in the north end of the state) that would still rise to the occasion.
  16. Pre game beer tasting sessions! I'm down.
  17. Thanks, we will certainly need help and it'll be an asset to have a presence in other parts of the state. We are having a meeting at the beginning of March and I will have some new info for everybody.
  18. We just started getting Goose Island, so to answer your question simply: BCBS
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    If it's any consolation, NC just started getting Goose Island, we have a 15% cap and still no BCBS.
  20. lets do away with sunday 2 oclock sales. some times i want a beer before that.
  21. I'll be very surprised if we ever receive anything outside of the standard lineup (312, Mild Winter, IPA, etc).
  22. Hey, this is SmellsLikePoor. I have some news for everybody. Duvel Moortgat has applied to enter WV and they are just waiting for approval. This means we will soon be seeing Duvel (of course), Ommegang, d' Achouffe, and Maredsous. This also probably means that Vanberg and DeWulf will be entering too due to the connection with Ommegang. We should be seeing quite a few new beers in the coming months.

    I am also meeting again this week with some people to work on the beer festival in Huntington.
  23. Hey, I have some news for everybody. Duvel Moortgat has applied to enter WV and they are just waiting for approval. This means we will soon be seeing Duvel (of course), Ommegang, d' Achouffe, and Maredsous. This also probably means that Vanberg and DeWulf will be entering too due to the connection with Ommegang. We should be seeing quite a few new beers in the coming months.

    I am also meeting again this week with some people to work on the beer festival in Huntington.

    If you happen to see a duplicate response of this, I posted it earlier at work with a different name and it is awaiting approval from a moderator for some reason.