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Phillips Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ericj551, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I stopped by Phillips to sample the new bourbon barrel aged Trainwreck barleywine, and to pick up a few bottles. I was shocked at the price, under $6 for a 10%, barrel aged beer! This has to be by far the cheapest barrel aged anything on the market, it would be a good value even if it wasn't barrel aged. Any idea's how they manage to keep the cost down?
  2. Phillips has always offered great value for the money and their BW's are good stuff. Just a note though ,I have found they don't cellar as long as I thought so 2 years is probably just right.
  3. Good to know, I should crack open the bottle of Deadhead that I've been sitting one. How did the beers go downhill? Was it oxidation or something else?
  4. Got a 2011 so i'll probably crack it open sooner rather than later...
  5. $6!!! What a deal! I Paid $8 and thought that was pretty good.
  6. also paid $5. ha!
  7. Naw , just lost a lot of flavour and didn't seem to be going into that next stage that other BWs take where they turn sherry like or smooth out but maintain a real presence ( ie. old Crusty or Thomas Hardy).
  8. Where did you find it for $5? I'm shopping at the wrong places...
  9. employee perks :p
  10. I think it was $5.50 at the brewery. I think $8 is still a deal for the beer.
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  11. This is a heck of a barley wine for under 6 bucks. Authentic barrel character, smooth, not boozy. I really gotta give Phillips props for keeping their beers cheap. Green Reaper was another one I enjoyed this year that I'd have gladly paid $7-8/bottle for.
  12. I'd be interested in some of this. Anyone want to trade for some goodies from out East? Garrison 15th Anniversary Malt, Spruce Beer (avail. Friday), or Propeller RIS? Sea Level ESB now in cans. Etc. Would love a West Coast Fall/Winter sampler pack.
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  13. That barleywine lives up to its name...
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  14. Wow ! the 2010 Trainwerck is drinking Good !! Son ! Nice and smooth !:)