Pics of your home bar set up

Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Rusty18, Feb 24, 2012.

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  2. brentusaurus

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    Wow, these are so neat. Definitely want to do this in the future.
  3. crashdavisinoh

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    Looking at this thread gets me excited for the day I have the chance to build a home bar...great bars guys.
  4. BlackBelt5112203

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    This looks awesome! I'm also very jealous of all the KBS you have
  5. brstls4drmrs

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    Its the "Elderly Woman Behind the counter in a Small Town" bar.
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  6. brstls4drmrs

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    you could call the kegerator the "dirty frank".
  7. bifrost17

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    This forum is just making me realize that I need to live in a house, not an apartment!!!!
  8. Nope, just another extremely smart and talented PSU grad! ;)
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  9. given2flybrewing

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    I'm not a PSU grad either.
  10. I'm thinking the exact same thing!
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  11. mcyphert

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    Damned nice bar!
  12. BigGene

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    God i wish i had a Basement. Living in florida has it perks but, no basements is not one of them. (Wife wont let me completly bar out one of the living rooms) she says its not good for the kids..
  13. bifrost17

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    Tell her that if you hide it from them it's only going to make them more curious....
  14. BigGene

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    my kids are 16 and 14, she was saying it sort of tounge in cheek.
  15. ediaz

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  16. strohme2

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    I'm assuming you used a product similar to Kleer Koat for your bottle cap bar top. I'm also assuming you put a seal coat on over the caps. Did you have any problems with the caps floating up or moving? How nervous were you that something would go wrong? Looks awesome by the way.
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  17. DarthKostrizer

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    I actually did use clear coat. I used 1 seal coat and 2 flood coats because of the depth of the top. I also used gorilla glues version of crazy glue to secure the caps to the top of the wood before pouring the seal coat. Nervous doesn't even begin to explain how I felt before I poured all 3 coats. I kept worry about did I mix it right am I too close with the blow torch what am I missing etc. etc. etc. And thank you for the compliment it turned out better than an expected because I had never used the stuff before but there still were some very tiny air bubbles in one spot that unless I point it out most can't see it. A piece of advice if your going to do something like this just make sure and pay close attention to every single inch of the material.

  18. This made me not want to post my "bar" now. Beautiful work guys.. I'm only 23 so i mean its a good start.

  19. My garage bar is still a work in progress, but it is getting used!
  20. ripps1

    ripps1 Advocate (535) New Jersey Aug 28, 2012

    Just finished remodeling my basement. Put this in so I don't have to drive to a bar anymore.


    Back of the bar


    Inside of the bar.


  21. That is fucking sexy
  22. Wisdumb

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    My husband & I are in the process of building a house. I am so excited to move in and get started on our bar. These bars showcased here are awesome inspiration. Thanks to everyone who shared in such detail.
  23. bringing this thing back to life! Glad I stumbled across it though... I am just now starting to design and list ideas to turn a single care garage in to a awesome mini mancave/bar set up. Nothing as fancy as the above options, but definitely stealing ideas. I am going to be a trailblazer and have a washer 7 dryer in my home bar haha. Some day we will expand and that can be eliminated thanks to a laundry room!
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  24. Im still in the process of designing my bar, but hope to be done and start building in february. heres the bar from the pictures the realtor put up, the plan is to do a wood or wood look tile floor around it and have a shape kindof like ripps' up there with my kegerator and my gf's wine fridge built in. we will be doing a wood top with a border of bottle caps and wine corks filled with kleer koat.

  25. the_King

    the_King Aficionado (105) Michigan Feb 14, 2013

    First post. My bar setup.



    There is a full double sink built in right below the bar top in this picture.

  26. kdmcguire10

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  27. Hey Supes love the bar photos . One thing is missing . Where is a picture of you having a beer at the bar you worked so hard on .. Cheers
  28. coz

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    Here is the bar that I helped build at my brother-in-laws
  29. kurdt1994

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    I don't normally post anything, but this thread caught my attention. My bar isn't quite as nice as some of the others but the top is made completely of wood from behind my parents house.
  30. Billy1856

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    Damn, as I'm checking this thread out on a study break, these bars are definitely some motivation to keep the grades up in school. Some bad ass set ups here.
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  31. you guys are so damn fancy... I wish I had the space for a set up like these.

    I just put a wall mounted bar with some planks and shelf supports. Gentlemen... I bring to you, my make shift garage bar!

  32. darky

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  34. Poorpatz

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  35. Hanzo

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    Really impressive set ups in here. One day when I don't live in a 950sq ft house or I move to an area of the country that has basements, I am totally doing this.
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  36. Pics are of my garage soon to be man cave, the beginning! I have plans for an L shaped bar 10' long side 5' short side. Getting a dual tap kegerator. Shuffle board table and dart board cabinet. Got the plans for the bar on line. Also Garage door is coming off, putting sliding glass patio doors on. Need to do deck for pool next weekend then following weekend will start on the 23' x 17' garage. Should be done hopefully by 4th of July. Have a bottle of Cigar City courteous of Johnny B for the grand opening! Can't wait!




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  38. Bildo

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  39. Genuine

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    These are all looking great! Definitely some awesome inspiration here
  40. joeebbs

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    those booth seats are a great touch.