Pitching a whole bottle?

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  1. Hey guys, Im brewin another lambic today. I usually pitch a primary yeast, or blend, and then the dregs from a bottle or two. I did not have enough cash to get a pack of yeast today, and I refuse to wait because I need to get this done before it gets too warm in my area.

    Any chance pitching a whole bottle of Gueuze would work? I have a starter of Resurgam dregs I plan to use, but need more yeast in addition to this. or maybe siphon a bit of Fermenting lambic into this batch? Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks for the time!
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    If I read your dilemma correctly, you have (or will have) a wort ready for pitching but no yeast to pitch? For lagers, I've let a wort go unpitched over night in a cooler so I could pitch when the temp is lower. The no-chill brewers let wort go for longer than that. There's no danger here if you've been sanitary throughout the process.

    If you can pick up some yeast tomorrow (assuming you can get the cash), you could just wait. If you add the whole bottle of your gueze, you might have enough live yeast to carry out the fermentation but, really I have no idea. I'd probably plan on supplementing the pitch as soon as you can get your hands on a vial. But the truth is, I would keep the wort unpitched, drink the geuze, pitch the dregs, and get more yeast tomorrow if that is a possibility.

    Hope that helped.
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    Siphon some off of the currently fermenting one would be my choice, that yeast will be ready to party!
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  4. Thanks for the input guys!
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    Why pitch yeast at all? If you're going lambic style, go Coolship-esque. Can be as simple as chilling to below 100F and leave it open in the kettle. I liked to cover with bug netting, but its not strictly necessary. Rack out a day later to your intended fermentation vessel. You could carefully preserve as much of the yeast from your bottle too if you felt the need to add it as well.

    Edit: missed the part about having some currently fermenting. Pulling some of that would work too. You can top back off with the new batch.
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    Did you pitch any Saccharomyces at all? You still should be able too. I'm not sure what it would taste like with out it. Especially if the bacteria has a leg up.
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    You could always pitch the dregs of the bottle, then pitch more later. With the time it takes for th bugs to get established, you could do this over the course of a couple weeks.

    When I brew sours, I typically open a bottle or two when its time to pitch bugs and pour the dregs in. A few days later, I'll open another bottle and pitch those in. I probably end up pitching about 7 or 8 bottles of dregs over the course of 2-3 weeks.