Plan B Brewing Closing Down

Discussion in 'Canada' started by matthaslaservision, Dec 15, 2012.


    Pick up some Plan B while it's still around, they'll be closing down early 2013.

    Sad to see them go, but in such a competitive craft market i'm not entirely surprised.

    I'd suggest Bitter Bob's Bitter and Half-Cracked Nut Brown :)
  2. hard to find in Van but Brewery Creek has some
  3. so does Firefly ;)
  4. Sad to see them shut down.
  5. Very sad to see them go, only recently picked up a Half-Cracked Nut Brown and Revenge of the Pine, both solid beers. Be very interesting to see how the new brewery opening in Prince Rupert fares...
  6. The BC northern interior is a hard market. Pacific Western dominates up there.