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Pliny the Younger

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by zymrgy, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. zymrgy

    zymrgy Aficionado (110) Texas Jul 9, 2008

    Going to be in Portland next week (5th-10th). What places would be the most likely to get PtY? I figured, Apex, Saraveza, Belmont Station, Horse Brass. Any others to keep an eye out for?
  2. Usually Higgins is the first to tap it in Portland. And the County Corks folks have close ties with the brewery and have in the past gotten multiple kegs on occasion.
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  3. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,130) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member

    In the past, it's usually taken just over a week for younger to arrive in Portland once it's tapped in Santa Rosa. So it's going to be a close call as to whether you're there in time for it. Check some of the local beer blogs and the Portland Mercury, as there likely will be a considerable buzz about the places that will most likely have it (and when).

    Other places that might have it as well include Bailey's, Concordia Alehouse, Green Dragon and Henry's. Good luck!
  4. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

    The places you listed are a good start. Sign up for their email lists to start.
  5. Any recent news?! Hoping kegs start showing up tapping this weekend
  6. w_klon

    w_klon Aficionado (235) Oregon Aug 1, 2012

    On their facebook post from Sunday, it says "We will start distributing to our Bay Area accounts later this week."
    I would assume if they havent distributed to those close to them, they wouldnt have sent out to accounts out-of-state. I would also imagine that they would distribute it all at the same time, so this weekend sounds like the soonest timeframe. But then again, I have been wrong once or twice before ;)
  7. I had PtY last year in Seattle (RIP) on February 22nd, so I'm guessing it's gonna be at least another week for Portland.
  8. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

    Was tapped last year on Feb 8th at Higgins in PDX.
  9. w_klon

    w_klon Aficionado (235) Oregon Aug 1, 2012

    Oh shit, now every BA in a 20 mile radius will be there on Friday! ;) Haha
  10. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,130) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member

    Could be, however...

    That was pretty much my thinking when I went over a couple years back. One of the local papers had an article about younger, and mentioned that Higgins would be the first place in Portland to get a keg (a sixtel in this case). I happened to be in town, didn't have any plans, so I thought I'd stop by for the tapping (scheduled at 1:00 if memory serves). I thought there'd be a mob, so I got over there 35 minutes early. Turned out there was no mob, and I was able to get a seat at the bar without problem. I was concerned that perhaps I'd been misinformed, but the bartender confirmed that they expected to roll the keg in around 1:00, whereupon they would tap it immediately. Sure enough, they tapped it almost right at 1:00, and I quickly ordered a couple of glasses. I later ordered a third and thought about ordering a forth (which would have been a really bad idea - I was feeling it after the third).

    Shrug. That was a couple years ago, so maybe there will be more of a feeding frenzy this year. However, in my experience PDX is much more mellow about good beer, so you rarely see the sort of frenzy they get at the Santa Rosa brewpub. People are excited to try it, but I don't think you see as many people taking time off work to sample it, or planning their entire week and/or month around its release.
  11. cavemanlawyer

    cavemanlawyer Savant (290) Oregon Dec 7, 2010

    As Notorious BIG once said "Things done changed."
  12. Do any of these establishments sell growlers of the stuff?
  13. OakedCanuck

    OakedCanuck Initiate (0) Washington Jun 23, 2009

  14. If history is any indication, kegs Oregon will get will be 1/6 barrels.
  15. Isn't it RR policy to not do fills of PtY?
  16. Higgins was rather civilised last year. Although they did cut me off at two!
  17. Need dates/times. Hoping it shows up fri or sat or sun
  18. ggfunk

    ggfunk Savant (280) Oregon Mar 29, 2010

    Missed out on this the last two years, hoping for a little good luck (no work conflicts) this time! :)
  19. podunkparte

    podunkparte Initiate (0) Washington Nov 14, 2009

    Yes, though certain bars have been known to do it anyway. I wouldn't count on it though since Vinnie is known to cut off clients who pull that kind of shit against their policy.
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  20. maltmaster420

    maltmaster420 Savant (465) Oregon Aug 17, 2005

    Don't get your hopes up yet. We just received an RR load on Tuesday and there weren't any kegs of PtY on it, so unless they break from the regular schedule we're probably looking at another 4 weeks before it arrives.
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  21. beertunes

    beertunes Poobah (1,180) Washington Sep 24, 2007

    By "clients", do you mean "states"?
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  22. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

    Do they brew multiple batches? Otherwise PDX is looking at some not so fresh PtY.
  23. Super Deli only did growlers of PtE ($10!!!) :cool:
  24. John_M

    John_M Moderator (1,130) Oregon Oct 25, 2003 Staff Member

    Chris. Correct me if I'm wrong on this (it's been several years), but when Higgins got the first keg of younger a couple years back, didn't you mention that you thought it was brought up directly from RR, and hadn't gone through the normal distributor? Just wondering if RR might do something similar this year, rather then just sending the kegs up through the normal distribution chain.
  25. yojimbo1

    yojimbo1 Initiate (0) Kansas Feb 26, 2012

    It would be beyond nice if this happened this year in WA. I might be able to try it for a first time.
  26. I've been wondering if this might happen at Brouwers/Bottleworks, but hadn't heard anything.
  27. sukwonee

    sukwonee Advocate (560) Washington Dec 13, 2011

    Glad I got to try this last year before they pulled out of WA.

    It was very very good, but I thought PtE was just as good (and hoppier).

    PtY was more peachy and maltier than PtE.
  28. I had at The Last Drop last February. It was damn good, but not worthy of waiting in line for hours or anything.
  29. jpbebeau

    jpbebeau Savant (405) Washington Sep 11, 2011

    I would've done the same, but we left for Hawaii that day. Still haven't had it, so it'd be cool if it did show up at Brouwer's or Bottleworks.
  30. NWer

    NWer Advocate (670) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    I thought it was a little off last year but it was as great as ever this year. Worthy of the hype in my opinion.
  31. anteater

    anteater Advocate (655) Oregon Sep 10, 2012

    where did you have it?
  32. NWer

    NWer Advocate (670) Washington Mar 10, 2009

    At Russian River - last three years.
  33. Gobigvt7

    Gobigvt7 Savant (345) Oregon Mar 15, 2008

    Got word today we're looking the end of Feb for PDX. Wording indicated it would be a newer batch.
  34. anteater

    anteater Advocate (655) Oregon Sep 10, 2012

    feb 11 tweet from higgins restaurant:

    Ugh-younger didn't make the truck out of California. It's looking like another two weeks beer lovers. #beer #pdxbeer
  35. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

    Thanks for the update.
  36. From APEX Twitter:

    My friend asked the barkeep and they said it's first come first serve (no tickets).

    Good luck!
  37. w_klon

    w_klon Aficionado (235) Oregon Aug 1, 2012

    Well hot damn, if that isn't the same day as Block 15's 5th Anniversary. Decisions, decisions.
  38. RedMedicine

    RedMedicine Savant (340) Oregon Jun 3, 2005

  39. Gobigvt7

    Gobigvt7 Savant (345) Oregon Mar 15, 2008

    Some time between Friday and Monday, the Hop & Vine will have Younger, Notorious, Breakside Barberhop Quartet IIPA and Double Mountain Molten Lava IIPA all on tap at the same time. Tapping day will be announced the morning of.

    Keep in mind PDX is getting only half the Younger it did last year!
  40. w_klon

    w_klon Aficionado (235) Oregon Aug 1, 2012

    Can I just camp out all weekend? :D